Mail services

Mail services is responsible for incoming and outgoing University mail and packages, picking up and delivering intercampus mail, items for mass distribution and outgoing bulk mail. This includes all incoming and outgoing U.S. mail and outgoing Federal Express and UPS shipments.

Incoming express mail shipped by UPS or Federal Express are received and delivered by the Central Receiving Department, not Mail Service, inquires about that status of such packages should be directed to that department at 784-4179.

3:00 p.m. is the deadline to drop off outgoing mail. Drop off at the customer service desk for processing that day.

All information concerning U.S. Postal, Federal Express, or UPS regulations and the required forms needed for these types of task as well as selecting the best option to get your documents and packages to their destination can be supplied by stopping by the Customer Service desk, in the Central Receiving Building room 100 or calling (775) 784-6733. All forms need to complete all types of shipping or mailing can be ordered by calling the same number.

The University of Nevada, Reno has an established policy prohibiting Mail Service from processing personal mail; this is stated in the University Administrative manual section 4,765: "University facilities, address, and stationery may not be used for sending or receiving personal mail of any sort (including Federal Express, UPS, or any other such vendor)"

eShip Global

Per UAM 4,760, the University mandates the use of eShipGlobal for shipping packages and when using FedEx or UPS. eShipGlobal provides a single point of access to price, ship, track, and manage shipments, as well as compare rates and services between multiple carriers. EShipGlobal provides processes for all domestic and international shipments, including those containing biological materials, hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals, radioactive materials, dry ice, and non-regulated materials. This program satisfies the University’s need for oversight and control of hazardous and foreign shipments, and integrates billing with the Workday finance system.

For international shipments of technology, equipment, research materials or information, review the University’s export controls procedures and regulations before proceeding.

For any shipment of potentially dangerous goods, review the University’s Environmental Health & Safety shipping program before proceeding. If you are shipping dry ice or biological, chemical, or radioactive materials, you will either need to undergo training or allow EHS to take over the shipment and ensure it is packed and shipped appropriately.

Information you will need before you start:

  • The sender’s information
  • The recipient’s information (including a phone number and email)
  • Package information (packaging type, weight, dimensions)
  • Material information (material type, classification, quantity, value)
  • Billing information (Unit, Cost Center, Fund, Function, Worktags)

You do not need: 

  • SED Method and ITN/FTSR Number (the ECO admin will enter this)
  • Schedule B number (the ECO admin will enter this)
  • EAR/ECCN number (the ECO admin will enter this)

If you are unsure about your billing information, please reference the University’s finance information program, Workday Tools. Select “Programs” under the Worktags tab and search using your program name, program manager’s name, or program ID (PG#) to find your billing information. For more help, refer to your department’s financial team.

How to use eShipGlobal

Postage charge form

Please use USPS Postal Charge Form for shipping specialized classes of mail, tracking requirements, or charging individual Workday account numbers not on file with Mail Services.