Decision Support

Provides business intelligence and analytics to University leadership to support a culture of data-driven decision making.

Featured reports

Historic course enrollment

Course enrollment by term since 2011, listing section enrollment, section capacity, and room capacity. Tabular format lists course title, session type, core curriculum flag, and offering college and department. Contains two pages (tabs) separating data by term and by weekly enrollment trend for each term.

NevadaFIT: Bootcamps for academic success

NevadaFIT enrollment by camp, student demographics, tuition/residency status, with calculation of average high school GPA, first-semester GPA, retention and graduation rates, math camp status, and retention and graduation rates. Comparison by college, department, and academic major.

Student credit hours and FTE

Fall and spring term student credit hours and FTE since fall 2011 by college, department, and academic subject. Lists data in tabular format by undergraduate level (lower and upper division credits) and graduate level (Masters and Doctoral). Line charts display credit hour production over time. Contains two pages (tabs) separating student credit hours and FTE

About the Office of Decision Support

Data Den

Discover the Data Den: A centralized data platform designed to serve as the single source of institutional analysis and metrics for the campus community, empowering informed decisions and institutional excellence.

Policies and Procedures

Documents related to the mission, goals and reporting strategy of the University and the Office of Decision Support.