Refund of fees

Refund procedures

As required by Board of Regents Handbook (Title 4, Chapter 17), the University of Nevada Reno adheres to the refund procedures as outline in the Procedures & Guidelines Manual (Chapter 7, Section 22).

Date of refunds

Refunds of registration fees and nonresident tuition are issued near the end of the first six weeks of instruction.

Exceptional circumstances

Under certain conditions, the Student Refund Appeals Board has the authority to grant full refunds of registration fees and nonresident tuition upon official withdrawal from the university. Documentation must be submitted to the Office of Admissions and Records, Fitzgerald Student Services Building, Room 217. Such conditions include:

  1. Induction of the student into the United States armed forces
  2. An incapacitating illness or injury that prevents the student from returning to school for the remainder of the semester
  3. Death of the student
  4. Death of the student's spouse, child, parent or legal guardian
  5. Other exceptional circumstances beyond the student's control


The student health insurance premium is nonrefundable, but remains in force for the duration of the policy.

Application fee

Application fees are nonrefundable.

Nonresident tuition

One hundred percent (100%) of non-resident tuition shall be refunded for net credit reduction to six credits or less or withdrawal from the University on or before the last day of late registration.

Food service and housing

Please see the Residential Life, Housing & Food Services for information on food service and housing refunds.