Cashier's office FAQ

  • How will I be billed for my tuition and fees?

    The Cashier's Office will send notices of new student statements to the preferred e-mail address listed in your MyNEVADA account. Make sure that you add to your safe sender list to ensure that you receive these e-mails.  You can view your statements any time in your student center by navigating to the "Communication Center" on the right side of the screen.

  • When are the due dates for my tuition and fees?

    The due dates will be posted in your MyNEVADA account. Fees are due three (3) days prior to the start of each semester.

  • What payment options are available?
    • Payment in Full: You may pay your account in full by electronic check or credit card through MyNEVADA. Credit cards accepted are Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Once your payment has been successfully completed, a receipt will be sent to your preferred e-mail address. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept any payments by telephone.
    • Payment Plan: If your balance due is more than $500, you may enroll in a tuition and/or housing payment plan to make your payment in three equal installments. The first installment is due on the fee due date, as listed in the Academic Calendar. The next installment is due one month later, with the final installment due one month after that. If you are using the payment plan for tuition or tuition and housing, the $50 payment plan fee will be added to your first payment. If you are using the payment plan for housing only, the $50 fee will be added to your second payment.
      • The Student Health Center Fee, Counseling Center Fee, Electronic Course Materials, and Insurance is not eligible for deferment. These will be due with the first installment payment.
  • How do I sign up for the payment plan?

    You will be able to sign up for the Payment Plan for Tuition and Fees and/or Housing through MyNEVADA.

  • I have an investment account that is paying my tuition. Will they send the check to me and then I pay?

    If you have an investment account you will need to contact the provider. The provider will need to send a check to the university. Please make sure that they reference your name and NSHE student ID # on the check so that it will be credited to the correct account. When providing the mailing address for the university, please use the following:

    University of Nevada, Reno
    1664 N Virginia St
    Cashier's Office/MS 0124
    Reno, Nevada 89557

  • I have Nevada Pre-Paid. Will it automatically go on to my account?

    You will need to contact the Nevada State Treasury Department and inform them of your INTENT TO ENROLL at UNR. It is imperative that your social security number with Nevada Pre-Paid and the one listed on your MyNEVADA account are the same.

  • What are the late fees if I don't make a payment on time?
    • Your account will be subject to late fees of $25.00 per day or up to $250.00 if your payment has not been made by the due date, as listed in the Academic Calendar.
    • If you have not made any payments on your account by the due date, your courses are subject to cancellation.
    • If you are a Payment Plan participant who does not pay the installments by the due dates, you will be subject to a late fee equal to 10% of your account balance for each late payment.
  • Do I need a receipt to validate my student ID?

    Fee Receipts are not necessary for ID card validation, parking permits or other University privileges. Your ID card is valid after payments have been posted to your account.

  • Will I get a refund if I drop my classes?

    Your account must be PAID IN FULL to receive a refund.  If your account is paid in full and you drop a class before the 100% drop date, you will receive a 100% refund of your tuition, including mandatory course fees. If you drop classes AFTER the 100% drop date you MUST WITHDRAW from ALL OF YOUR classes at the University of Nevada, Reno to receive a 50% refund of your tuition, and your mandatory course fees WILL NOT be refunded. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for the drop dates each semester.

  • What are the drop dates for classes?

    Drop dates depend on the type of class that you are enrolled in.  Make sure to check the Academic Calendar for each semester to see the dates for a 100% refund of tuition.

  • If I come to the Cashier's Office will you drop my classes for me?

    The Cashier's Office does not have the ability to add or drop classes. You will need to add/drop your classes on MyNEVADA or in Admissions & Records.

  • How do I enroll in Direct Deposit?

    You can enroll in direct deposit for all of your refunds in the Finance section in your student center.

  • Can my mom or dad call on my behalf?

    Anyone may call the Cashier's Office to discuss your account, as long as you have added them to the third party release. If someone calls who is not listed on your account, regardless of who they are, the Cashier's Office WILL NOT discuss your account with them.

  • I can't sign up for classes because I have a hold on my account

    There are different types of financial holds that might be placed on your account.

    • ALL tuition and fees for the University of Nevada, Reno will be shown in the account inquiry section in MyNEVADA. Once logged in you can pay your fees.
    • Other fee holds such as parking, health center and library fees will be paid to that department or through their website.
    • If you have an outstanding balance at any NSHE institution (TMCC, WNC, CSN etc.) you will not be allowed to enroll at UNR until these fees are paid. You will need to pay directly to the school where the cost was incurred. UNR will NOT remove these fees for you. The hold will be removed once the fees have been paid.
  • Does the University issue tuition information to use in filing my taxes?

    Yes. For more information, visit our page on Information Reporting.