Accounting services

Accounting services is responsible for processing all internal financial accounting transactions, establishment of petty cash funds, processing payments to university vendors, organizations, institutions and individuals (other than employees) for goods and services provided to the university, and reimbursement of expenses (excluding travel) incurred on behalf of the university by employees. Furthermore, accounting services is responsible for assuring compliance with the State of Nevada, Nevada System of Higher Education and the University of Nevada, Reno's rules and regulations relative to the expenditure of University funds.

Accounting services also processes and audits the following University internal transactions: Journal Voucher, Transfer Vouchers, Internal Department Purchase Orders (IPO) and Daily Postage Charges. Accounting Services is also responsible for Stop Payments, Wire Transfers, Stale Dated Checks and providing a copy of a canceled check.

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Awards, scholarships and stipends

Awards, scholarships and stipends are available to faculty and staff. Learn about what is required for each here.

Petty cash, temporary cash and change funds

Petty cash, temporary cash and change funds are available to Vice Presidents and Deans who complete the appropriate paperwork.


The travel office is responsible for assisting and reimbursing employee’s travel on behalf of the University.


The PCard is a University of Nevada, Reno’s Master Card credit card which may be issued to university departments or employees.