Copier program

Ordering a copier/cost estimates

The copier program provides departments within the University copying equipment on a cost-per-copy lease basis. Any department using an account to lease a copier that is processed through the university controller's office must use the cost-per-copy program. Services for participants in the program include: copier maintenance, monthly usage monitoring, access control and ordering and delivering of supplies. If a department is interested in leasing a copier, email

We will help you determine the most appropriate copier selection by considering the following items: average monthly volume of copies, required machine features, available machine space, voltage needed, budget allowance, dependability of the copier, quality of copies, and speed. A written estimate will be sent to the department listing the copier model and accessories.

The order is placed after we receive written approval from the requesting department. Please include the billing account number for copier charges and the request must be signed by the person with signature authority on the account. It takes approximately 30-45 working days for a machine to arrive after the initial order has been placed.

Add/change account numbers for charge

Departments should send (MS #0236) or e-mail a written request to add, delete or change account numbers. The request must be signed by the authorized signature on the billing account number.

Service calls and supplies

For service or to order toner or staples, please call Ray Morgan Company directly at (866) 754-7677 or email or and provide the information below:

  • Copier ID number
  • Department name and location
  • Contact name and phone number
  • Problem with machine,fault codes, error messages
  • Any special instructions; e.g., if the office is closing early, if the contact person is leaving and another contact person's name should be used, the office is in the middle of a "rush" job, etc.