University campus distributions instructions

  1. You must supply the number of pieces needed for the mailing.
  2. Each piece must be marked on the front page in a conspicuous place with the following disclaimer:

    “The contents of this document do not reflect an opinion or endorsement by the University of Nevada, Reno. This document has not been printed or distributed at state or university expense. Delivery beyond the mail stop is optional.”

  3. Fees should be paid with a check made payable to the Board of Regents. Fees and number of pieces for each category are subject to change.

Distribution categories, number of pieces needed and costs for distribution

Distribution categories, number of pieces and costs
Distribution area Number of pieces Fee (Non-NSHE distribution)
President, VPs, Deans, Directors, Dept. chairs 267 $32.50
Administrative faculty 937 $52.50
Academic faculty 1047 $74.00
All faculty 1984 $108.25
All staff 1085 $81.50
All faculty and staff 3069 $81.50
One per Mail Stop 254 $17.50