Independent contractor

Who is an Independent Contractor?

Generally, an independent contractor is an individual performing services to another entity on a contract. The hiring entity has the right to control or direct only the result of the work done by the independent contractor and not the means and/or methods of accomplishing the result. Individuals performing services for the University will be considered employees unless a determination is made that such individuals can be appropriately classified as independent contractors.

A person is not an independent contractor simply because there is an agreement as such or because the hiring department permits him/her considerable discretion and freedom of action. Agreements or contracts with individuals or sole-proprietors "doing business as" (dba) are subject to independent contractor determination guidelines, while agreements or contracts with partnerships, corporations, or other organizations will be subject to purchase order guidelines and requirements. Visit BCN Purchasing's website for additional information on purchase orders.

All independent contractor and guest speaker information and documentation is now available on the Workday Knowledge Base

NSHE Insurance Requirements

An independent contractor must carry insurance policies, unless expressly waived in writing by NSHE. Visit Risk Management/Workers' Compensation or call (775) 784-4394 for additional information.

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