MFA Guidelines

Welcome to the Department of Art at the University of Nevada, Reno. The department offers a three-year Master of Fine Arts (MFA) program in visual art. It is a terminal degree that incorporates a comprehensive background in the fine arts as well as advanced development in areas of studio specialization. The degree offers students advanced coursework in art history, critical theory and practiced criticism, combining studio and academic experience to provide students the opportunity to synthesize information at a higher level while engaging in original research and the development of a significant body of creative work.

Table of contents

  1. Course Requirements
    1. Required Courses
    2. Recommended Course of Study
    3. Course Descriptions
  2. Exhibition Requirements
    1. MFA in Art Advancement to Candidacy (Mid-Way) Exhibition
    2. Thesis Exhibition
  3. Committee Selection Guideline
    1. Committee Selection Recommendations
    2. The Role of Members of the Graduate Thesis Committee
  4. Graduate Assistantships
    1. Graduate Teaching Assistantship Policy
    2. For International GTA
  5. Additional Information
    1. Transfer Credits
    2. Comprehensive Exams
    3. Health Insurance
    4. Graduate Student Association

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