Digital Media


  • Form 1 & 2 Resin 3D printers
  • Dremel Digilab 3D printer
  • Carvey CNC router
  • 2 HTC Vives
  • Oculus Quest & Rift Touch
  • Epson Stylus Pro 7890 large format printer
  • LucidCam & Vuze 3D cameras
  • Ricoh & Kodak 360 cameras
  • iSense 3D scanner
  • 12 Canon DSLR cameras & 2 Flip cameras
  • 5 Intuos Wacom tablets
  • 7 Epson projectors & 2 Pico projectors
  • 3 HD flatscreen displays
  • 5 Micca media players
  • 8 M-Audio monitors
  • 2 pocket synthesizers
  • 15 Zoom sound recorders & 7 external webcams
  • 1 Mac Mini & 1 Macbook Pro


The digital media classroom is equipped with 20 iMac workstations and networked inkjet and large format printers. The classroom also houses an extensive inventory of equipment for student use. Outside of class time, digital media students have access to the classroom as an open lab.


The digital media studio is a dedicated maker space. Form 2 and Form 1 resin 3D printers, a Dremel filament 3D printer, a Carvey CNC router, and a variety of hand and power tools allow for rapid prototyping and experimental fabrication.

Virtual space

The virtual space is a dedicated environment for developing, deploying, prototyping and exhibiting immersive and virtual reality artwork. The room has two HTC Vive and PC systems with a large flatscreen monitor and wall projector to display VR POV during use.

Some digital media courses are a part of the interdisciplinary Digital Interactive Games minor.