The characteristics of drawings are highly valued in the contemporary art world, making drawing to be one of the major mediums. The goal of the drawing program is to foster students to be individual artists who can feel, think, and create based on their own unique experiences.

The Drawing program builds on foundational drawing skills and further explores the possibility of "mark-making" as a form of expression. Emphasis is placed on the investigation and expansion of visual vocabulary in which students find personal voice. Through thoughtful observation, trying, and questioning, students develop strategies of communicating their ideas.

The program also encourages interdisciplinary practice, providing opportunities where students can examine the idea of mark-making without limitations.

Art 100: Drawing I

This course is an introduction to drawings in multiple media that synthesize core and observational drawing concepts and techniques. Students learn various approaches to drawing through active exploration, observation, and self-expression. The classroom exercises will emphasize experimentation with many drawing techniques and materials while developing eye-hand coordination. PowerPoint lectures and videos are given to help students establish the idea of visual communication through historical and contemporary artists.

Art 102: Drawing II

This is an intermediate drawing course designed for students to learn how to visualize one's ideas by further developing drawing skills, investigating various drawing approaches, and establishing conceptual art-making. The first part of the class focuses on compositional structure as well as reviews of drawing skills and techniques. The focus of the rest of the class is to introduce various technical and conceptual perspectives in visualizing ideas. Critical thinking and analytical skills will be emphasized. The class also heightens students' awareness of artists' roles in the contemporary world and navigates them to conceptually and visually develop an individual vision and idea.

Art 201: Life Drawing

This course provides detailed study of the human form emphasizing proporsions, mood, expression, and skeletal and muscular structure. It is for individuals who desire a sophisticated understanding of the human figure and wish to embrace the challenges of working from the live nude model. It is similar to Drawing I in that it helps students develop various approaches to drawing through active exploration, observation, and self-expression. Using a variety of materials and expression methods are also explored in order to develop individuality.

Art 301: Interdisciplinary Drawing

This course is a contemporary drawing course that explores the boundaries of traditional drawing approaches by crossing over mediums and fields of study. It is designed to ask the question - "What is a drawing?" Through projects, students are asked to explore the conventions of drawing and experiment with unfamiliar/unexpected materials, methods, theories, and presentations in order to expand their conceptions of drawing. The understanding of current drawing practice through its history, characteristics, and principles is also emphasized. The class also introduces students to conceptual ideas and methods of contemporary artists.

Art 302: Drawing III

This course is designed for an individual student to develop thematically coherent artistic artwork while examining formal, intellectual, and research based concerns.