About the Department of Art

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The Department of Art offers many areas of emphasis for students, including art history, book & publicatoin arts, ceramics, digital media, drawing, graphic design, painting, photography and videography, printmaking, and sculpture. Students may work in a specific area of specialization or explore a range of practices in a variety of media.

Art History

University students take courses ranging over periods and topics focused primarily on Western art, including Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Modern and Contemporary eras.

Book & Publication Arts

Students learn contemporary art and publishing practices through the evolution of book and print technologies. Situated in a working museum environment, antique presses are used alongside digital tools.


The ceramics program challenges students to understand and define their place in the work through an art-making experience with an emphasis on contemporary sculpture.

Digital Media

The Digital Media Studio focuses on development strategies to engage new processes, ideas and venues for the contemporary artist made possible by new media technologies.


The drawing area provides a solid foundation in the basics of drawing and a strong emphasis on developing a personal voice by expanding the conventions of drawing.


Painting courses develop students' ideas by exploring different painting techniques and media through demonstration, investigation and experimentation.

Photography and Videography

The photography program pursues an evolving curriculum that embraces the digital era of photography, but it remains true to its roots of students painting words with light.


The printmaking program is geared toward interdisciplinary uses of print media in contemporary art and cultural dialogue.


The sculpture program provides the knowledge in the tools, techniques and formal principles underlying the production of sculpture in contemporary practice.