Printmaking students

The emphasis of the printmaking program is geared toward interdisciplinary uses of print media in contemporary art and cultural dialogue. Students are challenged to develop their concepts and experiment with physical forms of art through engaging balance of traditional and innovative printmaking.

The beginning printmaking class introduces printmaking techniques and different printmaking concepts to students. The class is designed to explore different printmaking techniques such as collagraph, relief, intaglio, monotype and serigraphy (silkscreen). Students learn how to merge their ideas and concepts with the techniques. The printmaking program offers relief, intaglio and silkscreen as intermediate classes.

Students explore multiple possibilities in each concentrated discipline and are encouraged to push their creative ability and find their own voice and style in art-making process through the studio and intensive critique practice. Not only do students explore conventional technique, they also are introduced to more contemporary practices such as photo, digital media and installation.

Advanced printmaking classes emphasize individual development and critique to shape their visual language.

  • Art 124 - Introduction to Printmaking
  • Art 221/421 - Beginning Printmaking-Intaglio
  • Art 223/423 - Beginning Printmaking-Serigraphy (Silkscreen)
  • Art 224 - Beginning Printmaking-Relief
  • Art 424 - Advanced Printmaking
  • Art 426 - Problems in Printmaking
  • Art 492- Individual Studies in Printmaking

Printmaking embraces nontoxic printmaking and continues to make the lab safe and environmentally friendly.

  • Charles Brand lithography press bed size 33 ½ "x60"
  • Takach etching/relief press bed size 33 ½"x60"
  • Laguna etching/relief press bed size 18"x30"
  • Vertical ferric chloride tank for etching 18"x24"
  • Amergraph Flip-top exposure units 36"HX37"WX38"D
  • Silkscreen exposure unit
  • Silkscreen wash both/wash gun
  • Silkscreen rack
  • G5 Mac computers
  • Scanner
  • HP 5200 laser printer
  • HP 2820 laser jet printer
  • Epson 1280 ink jet printer
  • Epson R 2880 ink jet printer
  • Drying rack 351/2"H X351/2"WX28"D
  • Flat drawer files