Bachelor of Arts in Art

The department offers a diverse program of undergraduate instruction in both art history and studio art. The major options include painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography, printmaking and digital media.

Students may participate in several interdisciplinary programs, including museology. Internships with local professional artists are available to upper-division students. Graduates often go on to careers in art education, graphic design or the fine arts.

Areas of emphasis

Art history

Courses range over periods and topics whose content focuses primarily on western art. Periods include Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, modern and contemporary.

Book & publications art

The book & publication arts program emphasizes both the book as an art form as well as the field of publishing as artistic practice. The program focuses on the many shapes and forms the book has taken throughout history and across cultures.


The focus of the ceramics program is to challenge students intellectually by providing an opportunity for an art-making experience with an emphasis on contemporary sculpture.

Digital media

The digital media program is an interdisciplinary area for researching and implementing emerging media in contemporary art.


The drawing program builds on foundational drawing skills and further explores the possibility of "mark-making" as a form of expression.

Graphic design

Graphic design curriculum will focus on formal graphic design language, while exploring other media and studio art practices such as 3D, 4D, motion and virtual reality.


Painting courses develop students' ideas by exploring different painting techniques and media through demonstration, investigation and experimentation.

Photography and videography

In concert with the evolution of the photographic medium, the photography program has pursued an evolving curriculum that embraces the digital era of photography.


Printmaking students explore conventional technique as well as contemporary practices such as photo, digital media and installation.


Sculpture - above all art disciplines - is comprehensive and open ended in materials and approach. This allows for all forms of creative expression.


The Department of Art at the University of Nevada, Reno also offers a minor in any of the art emphasis areas to include art history, book & publication arts, ceramics, digital media, drawing, graphic design, painting, photography and videography, printmaking and sculpture.

Why study art at the University of Nevada, Reno?

The Department of Art offers a number of exciting opportunities for students to become actively involved and engaged in real-world experiences. The department boasts a world-renowned art museum, a cutting-edge fabrication lab and a printing press that brings the history of book arts alive.

The Lilley Museum is a two-story art museum that allows students the opportunity to help prepare exhibits and take care of collections. The Lilley offers regularly scheduled programming and events co-hosted with other campus departments and local organizations and exhibitions rotate frequently.

The Fabrication Lab provides hands-on production and learning by enabling innovation and interdisciplinary connectivity at the intersection of art and technology. Equipment available for student-use in the fabrication lab includes an industrial fabricator sewing machine, a laser engraver, a 3D printer and a Zundt D3 digital cutting machine.

The Black Rock Press is well-equipped to advance the art of the book while educating students and the broader community about book arts as both a historical and contemporary medium. The press publishes a range of literary, visual and experimental materials that address the evolving nature of the book. Students learn the history of graphic design and fine typography through letterpress printing from metal and wood type on historic presses from the 19th and 20th centuries along with the newest design tools.

Internship/career opportunities

A bachelor's degree in art or advanced postgraduate master in fine arts degree provide knowledge and experience useful for many different career choices. This includes: artists, photographers, game designers, museum curators, or teaching art and more.

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