Bachelor of Arts in Art History

The Art Department in the College of Liberal Arts offers a History of Art major. Students learn about a variety of periods and topics whose content focuses primarily on Western art. Students are required to complete 39 credits in recommended courses.

Periods include Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Modern and Contemporary. Topics include modern propaganda, decorative arts, beauty and the body, and history of paleontology illustration.

Recommended Schedule

View the recommended schedule on the course catalog. Please note that catalog requirements might change, and you always should confirm your schedule with your advisor.

Major requirements

In addition to the University's Core Curriculum requirements, students majoring in art history need to take these additional courses:

  • Art 260R: Survey of Art History I
  • Art 261: Survey of Art History II
  • Art 100: Visual Foundations
  • Another lower division Studio Art course (3 units)
  • Art 365: Contemporary Art
  • One additional upper-division Art History Course (3 units)
  • Additional art courses in art history numbered 200-499 (24 units) - Courses to be chosen in consultation with an advisor

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