MFA Program Funding

Tuition and fees

The Graduate School has outlined the cost of tuition and fees. Assistantship in the Department of Art is 10 hours if you are awarded. (Please see below for more details).

Funding opportunities

The following are the funding opportunities for graduate students in the MFA program:


The Department of Art MFA scholarships historically ranged from $2,000 -$4,000 a year. If you have a strong resume, you also have a chance to receive a Graduate Dean's Merit Scholarship. ($10,000 for an incoming student and $5,000 for a continuing student).

Graduate teaching assistantships (GTA-ships)

GTA-ships are awarded on a competitive basis each year. GTA appointments offer the benefit of a tuition reduction ($105.71 per credit), and they pay a $8,000 stipend for a 10-month, 10-hour per week GTA appointment. GTAs also completely waive the non-resident tuition if the student is from out of state or an international student.

Nevada residency

A student who is financially independent and has established residence in the state of Nevada for a minimum of 12 months can receive a Nevada residency, which eliminates out-of-state tuition (international students are not qualified). This means that with either a GTA-ship or resident status, a student can eliminate the out-of-state fee for the second and third years.


Graduate students are allowed to work up to 20 hours. If you are an international student, you can only work on campus. Many jobs on campus require work-study awards. You can receive the award by filling out FAFSA and work-study forms in spring for the following school year.

Travel support

There is travel support funding you can apply for to attend conferences, residency and solo exhibitions. These are funded by the Graduate Student Association, the School of the Arts and the Department of Art.


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