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Clubs and Organizations

Graduate student clubs and organizations provide a great opportunity to meet new people, learn about new cultures, and expand your interests and hobbies. Recognized clubs and organizations are eligible to apply for event funding from the Graduate Student Association Council.

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  • CSE Graduate Student Club
  • Japanese Swod and Nami Ryu Club
  • Graduate Board of Anthropology Students
  • Social Science and Justice Club
  • RUMI
  • UNR Student Section of the American Nuclear Society

American Association of Petroleum Geologists

We are the student chap[ter organization for the AAPG (American Association of Petroleum Geologists) and the SEG (Society of Exploration Geophysicists). Our goal is to familiarize both graduate and undergraduate students with industry professionals, and with what they can expect from the petroleoum and geophysics career path. We invite professionals to come speak at a monthly lunch meeting, and help those interested to attend professional meeting ocurring in Western US. Contact: Saige Sanchez.

American Water Resources Association UNR Chapter

The American Water Resources Association UNR Chapter (AWRA) is a water focused professional outlook and environmental club. The club is comprised of mostly Hydrology and Hydrogeology graduate students, but is open to any graduate student with similar interests. The main purpose of our club is to offer students opportunities to interact with professionals and communities concerned with water related issues. AWRA also works direcly with the Graduate Program of Hydrologic Science to support the department's colloquium serie by hosting a social a hour after each presentation. Contact: Murphy Gardner.

Astronomy club

Club description: The Astronomy Club serves to educate and generate interest in Astronomy and all science in general amongst the University and community at large. 

Club contact:

Bangladeshi Student Association (BSA)

The aim and purpose of Bangladeshi Student Association (BSA) shall be to: 1) Protect, advance, facilitate and serve the interests of the University's students of Bangladeshi descent; 2) Promote greater participation with the University's community by these students to promote goals of mutual understanding and benefits; 3) Enhancing enrollment of high school graduates originiating from families of Bangladeshi descent; 4) Foster international understanding and goodwill among students through educational and recreational events. Contact:

Behavior Outreach Program

The mission of the Behavior Outreach Programs provide a variety of opportunities for student sof the University of Nevada, Reno Psychology Department to connect with and participate in the local community. Furthermore, the Behavior Outreach Program strives to provide meaningful community services, both behaviorally-bosed a non, to local populations in need. Contact: Carolyn Branko.

Behavioral Analysis Club

The Behavior Analysis Club is available to all graduate students who are interested in learning about and applying the science of Behavior Analysis. We are dedicated to providing a forum for students to discuss current topics in the behavior-analytic literature. The club supports and facilitates presentations from visiting scholars relevant to Behavior Analysis and its various applications. Emphasis will be placed on providing activities, such as mini-conferences and bringing in guest lectures with either unique or cutting edge view on behavioral techniques. 

Contact: Carolyn Brayko

Club contact information: Kimberly Henkle

Black Graduate Student Association

The Black Graduate Student Association (BGSA) purpose is to provide support to our black graduates, as well as any students who would like to be involved regardless of race, religion or creed. We are here to assist students through the matriculation process from undergraduate level to graduate level. We will be a voice to our administration for other graduate students who may be experience problems with their programs and/or campus experience. We are looking forward to just serving as a home away from home and make the acclimation process to Nevada a positive experience. Contact: BGSA.

Chemistry Graduate Student Association

Provide graduate students in the Department of Chemistry with the means to express their opinions and address issues which affect them directly, as well as broader policies which deal with the department as a whole. Promote and enhance interaction among students, faculty and staff. Foster a climate in which all graduate students in the department feel a sense of community and belongin. Work to enhance the reputation and prestige of the Department of Chemistry at the local, national and international levels. Promote research, scholarship, and outreach to local communities. Contact: Mike Walley

Cognitive and Brain Sciences Club

The Cognitive and Brain Sciences Club (CBS) is designed to support the education and development of students of Cognitive and Brain Sciences at the University of Nevada. The club invites speakers who are well-known researchers of professors in Cognitive and Brain Sciences to present new and advanced information.

Contact: Katherine Mussell or Mike Gomez

College of Liberal Arts Graduate Student Symposium (CLAGS)

CLAGS is an interdisciplinary graduate student conference designed to increase dialogue and knowledge across the liberal arts and beyond. The CLAGS committee structures panels that explicity draw on a diverse group of scholars who hail from different institutions and fields. Our main goals are to broaden academic research, encourage interdisciplinary conversations, and develop professional relationships. CLAGS offer participants the opportunity to explore the benefits, challenges, and limitation of crossing academic boundaries. Contact: Paul Boone.

Discover Nevada

Connecting intercultural clubs on campus and the community through food, intercultural performances, and community involvement opportunities. Contact: Discover Nevada.

Earthquake Engineering Research Institute – UNR Student Chapter

Club description: The Earthquake Engineering Research Institute at University of Nevada Reno (EERI@UNR) Student chapter was established in October 2000. EERI@UNR was established to engage students in earthquake engineering, to provide context to earthquake engineering research education, and to afford students networking opportunities with earthquake engineering professionals. The objective of the Earthquake Engineering research institute is to reduce the earthquake risk by (1) advancing the science and practice of earthquake engineering, (2) improving understanding of the impact of earthquakes on physical, social, economic, political and cultural environment.

Club contact:

Economics Graduate Organization

The Economics Graduate Organization exists to support graduate students in economics. It shall serve as a professional and social organization that provides co-curricular education and creates networking opportunities in economics. Contact: Abduolaye Ouedraogo

English Graduate Organization

EGO is an organization that encourages English students (particulary in-coming) from all emphases to form a stimulating professional and personal community. This encouragement consists of events, workshops, and other collaborative activities. Contact: Aaron Schneeberger.

Gallop Badminton Club

A sports club in promotion of badminton, an international sport. The club provides practice sessions through scheduling with the Lombardi Recreation Center for all levels of players at regular intervals. The club may sponsor members travelling to areas outside of University of Nevada, Reno for tournaments. Contact: Devyani Tanna.

Geo-Grad Club

The UNR Graduate Geography Club works to bring students and the community together while fostering geography awareness. The mission of the club is to provide opportunities for students and members of the community and the environmental improvement. Contact: Anna Marie Higgins.

Graduate Collective of GRI (Genger, Race and Identity) Students.

The Graduate Collective of GRI Scholars (GCGS) aims to advance the study of Gender, Race and Identity issues at UNR. We aim to build and support the community of GRI graduate studetnswho work in different fields and departments on campus by arranging social events and by fostering professional development. Contact: Kyle Bladow.

Graduate Philosophy Association

The Graduate Philosophy Association is designed to promote graduate level organization of philosophy graduate students, as well as provide the opportunity for contribution, elevation and recognition within the department. The goals of this effort are to establish departmental graduate student colloquia, core reading discussion sessions, graduate student sponsored lectures and receptions for graduate student events. The focus of such goal-oriented efforts will be to create a working community of graduate students within the Philosophy Department that enables advancement of their individual academic and professional progress. Contact: Lisa Madura.

Graduate Society for Public Health

The purpose of the Graduate Society of Public Health (GSPH) is to address the needs of Masters in Public Health (MPH) students throughout their program progression. Graduate students will have the opportunity to regularly engage second year MPH students as well as peers for support and guidance. This monthly brown-bag luncheons will feature speakers from faculty to community members that will inform students on a variety of topics including internship possiblities, common mistakes graduate students make, elective choices, the CEPH exam, etc. The club is open to all graduate students and graduate specials in the MPH Program. Meetings: The first Friday of every month in LRC 205, 12:00pm-1:30pm Contact:

Graduate Students for Gerontology

The mission of Graduate Students for Gerontology (GSG) is to engage the UNR campus and the community-at-large in the topic of aging. We utilize an interdisciplinary approach to the topic of growing older by bringing together fields such as education, policy, psychology, public health, and social work in order to engage the community through service, advocacy, research, and special events.
Gerontology is the study of the aging processes and individuals as they grow from middle age through later life. The beauty of gerontology is that we all age and the topic touches all aspects of life and therefore all majors and minors. For more information, visit us on Facebook at GraduateStudentsforGerontology or email Dawn Harris.

Graduate Students for the Advancement of Neuroscience

Graduate Students for the Advancement of Neuroscience (GSAN) is designed as an interdepartmental (Psychology and Biology) club whose interest is to support the education and development of students interested in the study of Neuroscience at the University of Nevada. The club invites speakers who are well-known researchers of professors in Neuroscience to present new and advanced information and techniques. The club also promotes interaciton among and between students and faculty.

Contact: Gennadiu Guraiy or Kyle Killebrew

Guan Xi Club

GuanXi means Relationship in Chinese. relationship plays a really important role in our daily life. Without a good relationship, it is hard to have a helping hand when you are in need. As more and more Chinese International students come to UNR, our club's mission is to provide them a networking place to meet other Chinese students and faculties at UNR on a regular base every week and help those Chinese students to build up a healthy relationship with each other. Contact: GuanXiUNR 

Iranian Students Association Club

The goal of the Iranian Students Association Club is to provide an integrated society and support for Iranian students. This organization also aims in enhancing Iranians contribution to the university community. The club introduces Iranian culture and history to Iranian and non-Iranian public through organizing social events and celebrating Iranian traditions and events. All UNR students, faculty members, and employees are welcome to join the club. Contact: ISAC.

Indian Student Organization

Indian Student Organization (ISO) was formed with the intention to serve graduate students from India and celebrate Indian culture at the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR). We organize various cultural events, like Diwali and Holi, and showcase Indian culture and cuisine at Night of All Nations every year. We also provide complete support to new incoming students from India by answering their queries about UNR, airport pickup on arrival, temporary accommodation and help them settle down at UNR. Please send us a mail if you need help or if you want to get involved! Contact:

Latino Graduate Student Association

This organization is composed of graduate students from all disciplines interested in raising awareness for issues concerning the Latino community. This group will provide a support system for graduate students and outreach in regards to higher education to underrepresented populations interested in higher education. Meetings: General meetings are held the first week of every month. Contact: J. Guillermo Villalobos

Little City Student Fellowship

Mitivated by Jesus's love, the Little City Club is a fellowship of UNR students and faculty, aided by local volunteers from churches helping international students with life, school, and friends. The club also runs the friendship family and holiday family programs, connecting the University's international studetns with American Families, seniors, and industry professional for cultural exchange. Contact: LCISF

Molecuar Bioscience Graduate Student Forum

The University of Nevada Molecular Biosciences Graduate Student Forum is comprised of an interdisciplinary graduate student body representing five departments: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Biology; Biomedical Engineering; Cell and Molecular Biology; and Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology. The goals of the organization are to: 1) promote and enhance interaction among students, faculty and staff; 2) foster the recruitment and welcoming of new and current students in which all graduate students in each program feel a sense of community and belonging; 3) inviting at least one speaker per semester to present on topics related to each graduate program; 4) promote research, scholarship, and outreeach to local communities by hosting an annual graduate retreat that is open to the public. Contact:  MBGSF

Nepalese Student Association

This is the first Nepalese Student's Association ever formed in the history of the University of Nevada (UNR). NSA was given the title of recognized club from Graduate Student Association (GSA) of UNR on September 13, 2006. NSA is meant as an alliance between GSA and the Nepalese students of UNR to promote the cultural and social integration and interaction as well as welfare of students. For more information feel free to contact Arjun Acharya.

Nevada Business Connection Club

The Nevada Business Connection Club (NVBC) is the fastest growing graduate club at the University of Nevada, Reno. In direct collaboration with the College of Business, the club currently has more than 80 active members. The mission of Nevada Business Connection is to connect business students and alumni with the business community, by developing strong relationships with each other and growing a network with employers seeking talented professionals. The club will host events on campus, off-site visits to local companies, and social gatherings for students to meet and network. Join now! 

For more information about events, please visit our Facebook page. 

Please feel free to contact our President: Ricardo Saldivar. 

Nevada Global Health Student Association

The Nevada Health Student Association is comprised of medical students who are interested in gaining a better understanding of global health and providing health care to less fortunate populations. This organization aims to promote exposure and education to international  health issues and global health concerns. Meetings take place periodically on an as needed basis.  Club Contact Information: Lauren Eckroth

Nevada Social Business Club

Club description: The Social Business club (SBC) provides a way to practice social business on campus. The SBC also provides an essential learning tool to start your own business. We offer advice on your next business endeavor and how to move forward. During our meetings you will make life long connections and hear form guest speakers. We want to become a club that others know, like and trust.
We would build teams at the university. WE also offer internships to create jobs. These positions require little to no experience. Join today and start your business. 

Club contact: Michael Rashmir

Plant-Animal Interactions Group

The Plant-Animal Interactions Group (PAINT) is dedicated to increasing members' knowledge in our namesake area of biology, as well as fostering personal and professional relationships within the graduate student communities of the Department of Biology in the College of Science and the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Science in the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology, and Natural Resources. We read current primary literature on Plant-Animal Interactions and critically dicuss the paper during each week's meeting. Contact: Nick Pardikes.

Political Science Graduate Student Association

The Political Science Graduate Organization at the University of Nevada, Reno, is the graduate student arm of the Political Science Department. Membership in PSCGO is open to all graduate students enrolled in the political science program at UNR. In order to fulfill its mission of assisting in the professional and academic development of its members, PSCGO organizes regular Brown Bag Lunces that give graduate students and faculty the opportunity to present their current research. In addition to academic activities, PSCGO also organizes social events, including end-of-semester pot lucks, to promote a strong and positive atmosphere within the department. Contact: Courtenay Burns.

Publish or Perish

Increasing student publications through a culture of research by means of workshops, peer collaboration, faculty advising, and co-authored publications. The Publish or Perish (POP) is a professional student organization that encourages undergraduate and graduate student scholarly reserach and publication in partnership with university faculty and administration. POP workshops will provide students the opportunity to build larger research networks, learn from active scholars, and strengthen writing/research skills. POP works in partnership with other university organizations to encourage discussion around topics including, but not limited to research, publication, and professional competitiveness. Contact: Frank Merksamer

Regional Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Conference Comittee

The Regional Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Conference Comittee (RIGSCC) at the University of Nevada, Reno is a comittee of current English graduate student at UNR. The main purpuse of the organization is to organize an annual conference in order to advance an intellectual community of scholards across the disciplines and to foster collaboration between graduate students and UNR faculty members. Contact: Rebecca Campbell.


Rhetoric@Reno is the local graduate student chapter of the Rhetoric Society of America, a professional organization for scholars and students who are interested in the study of rhetoric, the art of effective communication. Meetings: Meetings on first Friday of the month at 2pm. Contact: Rhetoric@Reno.

Secular Student Alliance

The Secular Student Alliance at the University of Nevada, Reno is an affiliate of the Secular Student Alliance on UNR's campus. SSA at UNR is a group for discussion regarding secular, atheist, agnostic and humanist values, issues and equal representation. The SSA at UNR works to combat negative stereotypes of non-theist and secularists by committing ourselves to having a strong presecnce in community involvement and the issues regarding the separation of church and state. Contact: Lara Shaylor

Social Psychology Club

The Social Psychology Club is comprised of members of the Doctoral Program in Interdisciplinary Social Psychology as well as others interested in the area of social psych (both psychological and sociological). The club offers educational, social, and service events to its members. Contact: Social Psychology Club.

Social Work Graduate Student Association

A club devoted to community reinvestment and school activism. We strive to make the most amount of difference at micro, mezzo and macro level and make sure students are on teh right educational track to do so. We provide a platform for community activism on campus and in the community to spread awareness about social work issues. Students can learn how to raise funding for the club and for charity organizations, network social events, create informational resources and innovate plans to help the public good. Meeting dates are every other Thursday beggining 9/12/11 from 7-8pm in the Starbuk's conference room of the JCSU. Connect with us through: Facebook or Twitter. Contact: Rick Kelly.

Student Association for International Water Issues

Student Association for International Water Issues, or SAIWI (pronunced "Say-wee) or ['sA-wE] for you lexicographers) is a student organization at the University of Nevada, Reno, whose mission is to increase access to clean drinking water and improved sanitation services. Working on a local, village to village level, SAIWI implements sustainable water projects that educate and empower communities, while also providing hands-on international experiences to our student volunteers.

Contact: SAIWI  or

Student World Water Forum

The purpose of the Student World Water Forum Club is to plan, organize and staff the annual Student World Water Forum at UNR. The SWWF is a multi-disciplinary forum in which graduate and undergraduate students present their research on water-related topics. Disciplines range from hydrology and ecology to geography and political science. The SWWF club consists of a small group of University of Nevada, Reno graduate students from across several schools and disciplines. Contact: Angela Stevens


University Toastmasters is a charter member of Toastmasters International that helps individuals become better communicators and leaders!  Members improve by participating in weekly meetings that are fun, interesting and informative while providing all the tools, resources and support you need.  Toastmasters will open up a world of new possibilities; giving better presentations; leading meetings more confidently; speaking more smoothly off the cuff; performing better in job interviews and boosting your resume.  We invite you to join us for a meeting.  We meet each Wednesday in the Rita Laden Senate Chambers from 12:05 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.


Contact: John Davis

VP Education, University Toastmasters

 775 636-1506

Club Website -

Turkish Cultural Association

Turkish Cultural Association  is a non-profit organization sponsored by the University of Nevada, Reno Graduate Student Association. The main objectives of TCA are to bring the University Turkish  and Reno community together to introduce new Turkish students to the campus community. Contact: TCA 

UNR Creative Writing Club

The UNR Creative Writing Club is for graduate as well as undergraduate students to meet and work on improving theur writing in al genres. This in fiction, non-fiction, poetry, screen writing, play writing, even essay writing. The club helps students to refine their work through meeting with their peers. The club also hosts guest lectures, posts information about local literacy events, and hosts half-day and weekend writing retreats. Contact: UNRCWC

UNR History Graduate Student Association

The UNR History Graduate Student Association (UNR-HGSA) is a vehicle to provide material, professional, and social support for all history graduate students. The UNR-HGSA is commited to nurturing a supportive community within the history department, to advocating for the needs of all history graduate students. The UNR-HGSA is commited to nurturing a supportive community within the history department, to advocating for the needs of all history graduate students, to facilitating communication among all history graduate students and tith the wider university community. Contact: Paul Boone.

Volunteers for Education

Volunteers for Education are students different disciplines, including College of Education and College of Engineering, promoting student educator involvement in educational activities throughout the community. This club is dedicated to closing the success gap between low and high performing K-12 public schools in the United States. The mission and goal of our volunteers are to provide support for students, school programs, and school staff. We strive to keep the focus of our endeavors in the best interest of the students' academic and personal growth. Contact: Volunteers for Education.

Women in Dialogue (WIND)

Wind is an international club founded by a group of graduate students. Our aim is to promote respect, understanding and dialogue between different cultures and racial groups though organizing settings for the exchange of ideas and social interaction. Contact Esra Erdin.

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