Funding and assistance

Apply for first-come, first-serve grants for travel, computer loans, scholarships to help with child-rearing, and funding to assist those relocating from abroad.

Need-based services

The Graduate Students Association and the University of Nevada, Reno provides loans and scholarships and has a donation programs available to assist students based on need.

Adults sitting on the floor playing with three infants surrounded by educational toys

Children’s Assistance Program

This program provides supplemental assistance designed to help promote new applicants, graduation rates, and retention rates for graduate students who have children.

A laptop sitting open on a desk in a room of bright natural light.

Computer loans

The computer loan program offers loans from $500 to $1500 dollars for graduate students to purchase computer equipment from the Computer Den in the ASUN Bookstore.

A person sitting in front of a laptop computer holding their head in their hands.

Financial crisis

The Financial Crisis Grant Program offers financial relief to University graduate students experiencing a sudden and unexpected financial crisis for which no other sources of assistance are available. 

A Turkish passport and a cup of coffee sit next to a laptop on a table.

International student support

This loan program is to provide assistance for incoming international graduate students to make the transition from their home countries to living in Reno.