Graduate Student Association constitution


Name, Purpose, and Government

  • Section 1: The name of this organization shall be the Graduate Student Association (GSA) of the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR). (B/R 6/88)
  • Section 2:  The purpose of the GSA shall be to promote the welfare, interests, and the student experience of the graduate students of UNR. This includes supporting GSA's Graduate Student Rights and Responsibilities document. The GSA defines a graduate student as any student enrolled in a graduate degree program as well as all students enrolled as graduate specials. (B/R 9/99)
  • Section 3: The government of this GSA shall function through the Council of Representatives, Executive Council and established committees. The GSA shall work closely with all appropriate university administrative offices, including the Graduate School and Student Services. GSA shall report to the President of the University.


Membership and Revenue

  • Section 1: All currently enrolled graduate students at UNR shall be members of GSA.
  • Section 2: Dues shall be collected from all graduate students as a part of the per credit fee charged at registration.


Council of Representatives

  • Section 1: The Council of Representatives (GSA Council hereafter) shall be the governing board of the GSA and shall administer all GSA business.
  • 1.1: Representatives are expected to attend all meetings of the GSA Council. Regulations for meeting attendance are described in the Article III of the Bylaws.
  • 1.2: Representatives shall serve on recognized GSA and university committees in accordance with the bylaws.
  • 1.3: Representatives shall promote GSA by informing their constituents and graduate faculty about GSA events and activities. Representatives will report to the GSA Council any suggestions regarding academic, professional, and personal issues pertaining to graduate students.
  • Section 2: The Council shall be an elected body chosen by the general election process defined in Article II of the Bylaws.
  • Section 3: The Council shall consist of at least one representative from each school or college with a graduate program.
  • 3.1: Apportionment may be examined as described in Article II of the Bylaws.
  • 3.2: Changes in apportionment require a two-thirds vote of the entire GSA Council.
  • 3.3: The GSA Council may create additional representative seats to represent graduate student needs not addressed by the existing seats. These seats shall be filled in accordance with the bylaws. Such seats not related to graduate student enrollment shall expire at the close of the academic year unless renewed by a two-thirds vote of following year's entire GSA Council.
  • Section 4: Each Representative shall have voting privileges at GSA Council meetings.
  • Section 5: Representatives must be in good academic standing as defined by the Graduate School.
  • Section 6: Any GSA Representative may be removed from office by the procedures and criteria stated in Article IV of the Bylaws.



  • Section 1: Meetings of the GSA Council shall be held regularly, at the times and places to be determined by the Executive Council.
  • Section 2: The President shall chair GSA Council meetings.
  • Section 3: Robert's Rules of Order, Revised, shall be the guide on parliamentary procedure at all meetings of the GSA Council and at any GSA Committee meetings.
  • Section 4: On all voting matters, except as noted in this Constitution or in the GSA Bylaws, a motion shall be passed by a majority vote of a quorum.
  • Section 5: At least two-thirds of the members of the GSA Council must be present to constitute a quorum.
  • Section 6: If a Representative must be absent from a council meeting, he or she must adhere to the policies for attendance and proxy set forth in Article III of the Bylaws.


Executive Council

  • Section 1: The Executive Council is responsible for overseeing and organizing the agenda of GSA Council meetings and for ensuring that the approved business of the GSA Council is carried out. The Executive Council is also responsible for ensuring that the GSA adheres to the terms of the GSA Constitution and Bylaws.
  • Section 2: The Executive Council shall include the President, Internal Vice President and External Vice President.
  • Section 3: All GSA officers shall be elected in accordance with the procedures in the Bylaws.
  • 3.1: Any person who meets the membership requirements of GSA as well as the NSHE Board of Regents eligibility requirements for an assistantship can be elected as a GSA officer.
  • 3.2: GSA officer requirements, benefits, term lengths, and job descriptions shall be set forth in the Bylaws.



  • Section 1: The Judicial Committee, formed by the GSA Council as necessary, shall review the Constitution and Bylaws every three (3) years, or as needed.
  • Section 2: If a change in the Constitution is proposed, it shall be presented at a regularly scheduled GSA Council meeting for discussion.
  • 2.1: A vote on the proposed change may take place at the following meeting or any subsequent meeting. Any modifications must pass by a two-thirds vote of the whole body of Representatives.
  • 2.2: Amendments to this Constitution shall be subject to approval by procedures set forth in the Board of Regents handbook.
  • Section 3: If a change in the Bylaws is proposed, it shall be presented at a regularly scheduled GSA Council meeting for discussion.
  • 3.1: A vote on the change may take place at that meeting or a subsequent meeting and any modification must be passed by a two-thirds vote of the whole body of Representatives.

(May, 2021)