GSA Committees

Committees function as the workhorse for the GSA as much of what we accomplish is through these committees. As a graduate student, you may be a member of any GSA committee without being an elected Council Representative. This provides the opportunity to become involved with GSA at a smaller level than what is required of a representative. For more information please contact the Internal Vice President.

GSA committees

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee is in charge of both Fall and Spring Awards, including the Fall Graduate Poster Symposium but is not involved in the evaluation of the applications. Tasks include but are not limited to: recruiting faculty members to serve as judges, setting judging criteria per award, and organizing the Graduate Fall Poster Symposium.

Members: Roshika (Chair), Benjamin Pellegrom, Mauricio Solorio, Taissa Lytchenko, Anantha Sai


Budget, Judicial and Finance Committee

Reviews and amends the Constitution and Bylaws when needed. This committee is chaired by the Internal Vice President of GSA. GSA policies are also reviewed by this committee. The GSA Budget is determined at the beginning of the school year by this committee. The approved budget is presented to the council by the senior advisor at the beginning of the Fall Semester.

Members: Taissa Lytchenko (Chair), Michael Abdelmalak, Roya Salek Shahrezaie, Fatema Azmee, Alec Brennan, Victoria Choi (Alt)


Clubs and Organizations Committee

Approves clubs for official recognition. Responsible for ensuring fair disbursement and proper use of club funding to help clubs hold events and further establish the clubs on campus.

Members: Tania Akter (Chair), Karan Mehtaji, Roshika, Roya Salek Shahrezaie, Casey Shiver


Elections Committee

The Elections Committee is in charge of setting up and hosting the presidential and general elections for the Graduate Student Association in the spring semester. Additionally, this committee will be tasked with keeping all graduate students informed on when elections, voting, and other events take place.

Members: Karan Mehtaji (Chair), Taissa Lytchenko, Kendra Isable, Benjamin Pellegrom, Michael Abdelmalak


Events Committee

The Events Committee is in charge of coordinating GSA events such as the Welcome Back Social, Fall Social, Pub n Sub Social, and Spring Awards Banquet. Tasks include but are not limited to: planning the event (location, theme, food, and drinks), organizing volunteers, and promoting the event.

Members: Arturo Macias Franco (Chair), Ben Iness, M Iffat Hasan, Simindokht Aliabadi, Ariana Julia Gayban, Anantha Sai, Kingkini Sengupta


Service Committee

This committee seeks to give back to the University and the greater Reno community in a variety of ways. Tasked with the coordination and implementation of a day of service, in addition to other service opportunities throughout the school year such as clothing drives.

Members: Alec Brennan (Chair), Ben Iness, Silvana Cooper, Victoria Choi, Kingkini Sengupta, Mauricio Solorio


Student Advocacy Committee

Tackles issues that affect the student body that doesn’t explicitly fit within other committee scopes.

Members: Monika Bharti (Chair), Isaiah Davenport, Ariana Julia Gayban, Kendra Isable, Sampada Karandikar, Fatema Azmee


University Committees

In addition to serving on internal GSA committees, each Council Member represents fellow graduate students by serving on at least one University committee alongside faculty.

  • ADA Plan Review (Taissa Lytchenko)
  • Chancellor's Mental Health Task Force (Isaiah Davenport)
  • Cultural Diversity (Benjamin Pellegrom)
  • Faculty Diversity (Simindokht Aliabadi)
  • JCSU Advisory Board (Dennis Green, Fatema Azmee)
  • JCSU Retail (Ben Iness, Arturo Macias Franco)
  • Parking and Traffic Board (Silvana Cooper)
  • Performance Arts (Karan Mehtaji)
  • Police Services Advisory Grou (Fatema Azmee, Tania Akter)
  • Queer & LGBT Advocacy Board (Victoria Choi)
  • Status of Women (Roya Salek Shahrezaie)
  • Student Fee Review (Ben Iness, M Iffat Hasan, Arturo Macias Franco)
  • Silver Paw (Taissa Lytchenko)
  • Tech Fee (Casey Shiver, Michael Abdelmalak)
  • Title IX (Monika Bharti, Tania Akter)