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How to Get Credit for Your Internship

We encourage students to do an industry internship to gain experience before graduating. If your internship meets certain requirements, you can get up to 3 units of academic credit. To be eligible for academic credit, students must take the following steps:

  • Get approval from your faculty advisor
  • Register for CPE 494 or CS 494
  • Work at least 80 hours per unit of credit

You cannot receive internship credit for work you have already completed, but you may arrange to receive credit for an internship you complete during the summer.

You are also required to comply with the internship policies listed below.

Prior to your internship

At least one week before classes start, you must submit a signed letter from  your supervisor, on company letterhead, with the following information:

  • Who your supervisor will be
  • When, where and how much you will work
  • What your primary responsibilities will be
  • A commitment to send your faculty advisor an evaluation at the end of the semester that states whether your job performance was 'satisfactory' or 'unsatisfactory'
  • Contact information

During your internship

You must notify  your faculty supervisor immediately if any  of the following happen:

  • You find the work environment unsatisfactory
  • Your workplace supervisor finds your performance unsatisfactory
  • Your workplace supervisor needs to change for any reason

We also recommend that you maintain a weekly log for your final report. Your log could include:

  • What you did that week
  • Anything that surprised you
  • Anything non-trivial that you learned
  • Any higher-order concepts from your coursework that you applied
  • Any suggestions you made and what response they received

During finals week

No later than the first Friday of finals week, your workplace supervisor must submit a signed evaluation, mailed directly to your faculty advisor and written on company letterhead. The evaluation must rate your internship performance as either satisfactory or unsatisfactory.

By that same date,  you must also submit a report summarizing your internship experience. The report, using 11-point font, is typically at least six pages. Your report should include:

  • Overview
  • Description of your official responsibilities
  • Description of what you actually did
  • Description of concepts and elements from the CSE curriculum you applied during your internship
  • Summary of what you learned
  • Summary of what parts of the internship you were not prepared for
  • Critical evaluation of how the employer runs the operations you were involved in
  • Suggestions for future interns with similar responsibilities with that employer or others
  • Conclusion

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