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Environmental Engineering

Keith Dennett

About our program

Environmental engineering faculty specialize in research related to water quality and water supply. Current areas of focus include water and wastewater treatment, fate and transport of contaminants, biochemistry and in-situ bioremediation.

Labs and centers

Environmental Engineering Laboratory

  • Primary contact: Eric Marchand
  • Major focus: Water quality analyses, fate and transport of environmental contaminants, water reuse technologies, membrane testing and characterization, microbiological analyses, bench- and pilot-scale testing, and surface/colloid characterization

Environmental Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering Laboratory

  • Primary contact: Keith Dennett
  • Major focus:Performance testing of erosion control products and devices for trapping and retention of sediment, large flume studies, sediment transport investigations, pilot-scale testing of water and wastewater treatment processes.


Keith Dennett

Keith Dennett

Associate Professor

(775) 784-4056

Sage Hiibel

Sage R. Hiibel

Research Assistant Professor

(775) 327-2260

Eric Marchand

Eric Marchand

Associate Professor

(775) 784-6817

Krishna Pagilla

Krishna Pagilla

Professor and Environmental Engineering Program Director

Yu Yang

Yu (Frank) Yang, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

(775) 682-6609

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