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Photography and Videography

Photographer with camera

The evolving medium of photography continues to embrace the technological advances and push the boundaries of vision and idea. In concert with the evolution of the photographic medium, the University of Nevada, Reno's photography program has pursued an evolving curriculum that embraces the digital era of photography. True to the medium's humble beginnings, an emphasis remains on composing an image through the black box and capturing light to create an image.

Students are painting words with light, expressing an emotion and revealing desires with images. They become more than a practitioner. They are storytellers. Photography becomes more than a testament to the photographer's memory. It represents not only the person behind the camera's experience but, a collective one, of which everyone shares. Students now yield the power to shape and change whatever they so choose.   Developing visual literacy is the emphasis of the photography program within the art department. While a variety of intellectual pursuits are encouraged, many students recognize the importance of bearing witness to the circumstance of environmental action.  For enrollment and advisement questions please contact Scott Hinton at

On social media You can find PHOTOgraphy at UNR on Facebook.

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