Deborah A. Boehm (Ph.D. University of New Mexico 2005; Associate Professor) Cultural anthropology, (im)migration, transnationalism, and globalization; gender and women's studies; childhood and kinship; Mexico, the U.S. West and Southwest, and the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands. dboehm@unr.edu (775) 682-6503.

Sarah E. Cowie (Ph.D. University of Arizona, Tucson 2008; Assistant Professor) Historical archaeology of the American West and Southeast, social theory, power relations, structure and agency, landscapes, archaeology of working communities, industrial archaeology, cultural resource management (CRM), decolonizing methods and collaborative archaeology. scowie@unr.edu (775) 682-7524.

Jenanne K. Ferguson (Ph.D. University of Aberdeen, Scotland 2013; Assistant Professor) Linguistic anthropology, language maintenance, indigenous languages and education in the circumpolar north; Russian and Canada. jenannef@unr.edu (775) 682-7629.

Louis C. Forline (Ph.D. University of Florida-Gainesville 1997; Associate Professor) Cultural anthropology, lowland peoples of South America, ecological anthropology, racial-ethnic identity; Brazilian Amazon, U.S. forline@unr.edu (775) 682-7840.

Christopher Jazwa (Ph.D. Pennsylvania State University 2015; Assistant Professor) Prehistoric archaeology, human ecology, human behavioral ecology, zooarchaeology, hunter-gatherers, isotope ecology, human-environmental dynamics, fire ecology, underwater archaeology, coastal and island archaeology; Western North America, Australia. cjazwa@unr.edu (775) 682-7623.

Christopher Morgan (Ph.D. University of California, Davis 2006; Associate Professor) Prehistoric archaeology, Great Basin, California, China, Mongolia, Andes, hunter-gatherers, early agriculture, evolutionary ecology, lithics, GIS. ctmorgan@unr.edu (775) 682-8992.

Marin Pilloud (Ph.D. Ohio State University 2009; Assistant Professor) Physical anthropology, forensic anthropology, bioarchaeology, California and Turkey;  research focus on skeletal and dental data to research stress, social structure, violent behavior and population migration. mpilloud@unr.edu (775) 682-7693.

Mikaela Rogozen-Soltar (Ph.D. University of Michigan 2010; Assistant Professor) Migration, Diaspora, Citizenship; Islam; Religious Conversion; Historical Memory; Anthropology of Gender; Public Anthropology; Europe, North Africa, and the Mediterranean. mikaelars@unr.edu (775) 682-7953.

G. Richard Scott (Ph.D. Arizona State University 1973; Professor) Dental anthropology, skeletal biology, bioarchaeology; American Southwest, Alaska, North Atlantic. grscott@unr.edu (775) 682-7630.

Kyra E. Stull (Ph.D. University of Pretoria, South Africa 2014; Assistant Professor) Biological anthropology, forensic anthropology, growth and development, craniometric and postcraniometric human variation, South Africa, and quantitative methods. kstull@unr.edu (775) 784-4834.

Geoffrey M. Smith (Ph.D. University of Wyoming 2010; Associate Professor/Graduate Program Director/Exec. Dir. Great Basin Paleoindian Research Unit) Prehistoric archaeology, The Paleoindian-Archaic transition in the Great Basin; Great Basin prehistory and paleoecology; lithic technological organization; projectile point technology; hunter-gatherer mobility; peopling of the New World. geoffreys@unr.edu (775) 682-7687.

Erin E. Stiles (Ph.D. Washington University in St. Louis 2002; Associate Professor) Cultural anthropology, Islamic studies and religion, anthropology of law, religious pluralism, gender, marriage and divorce, Zanzibar and East Africa. estiles@unr.edu (775) 682-7686

Carolyn L. White (Ph.D. Boston University 2002; Associate Professor/Chair/Director Historic Preservation Program) Historical archaeology; gender and identity; material culture; contemporary archaeology; museum studies; historic preservation; western U.S., eastern U.S., Hawaii, and England. clwhite@unr.edu (775) 682-7688


Catherine S. Fowler (Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh 1972; Professor Emerita, Anthropology, UNR) Ethnology, language and culture, linguistics, ethnobiology; North America. csfowler@unr.edu (Retired, contact the department at [775] 784-6704)

Don D. Fowler (Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh 1965; Mamie Kleberg Professor Emeritus, Historic Preservation and Anthropology, UNR) Historic preservation, history of anthropology, archaeology; North America. dfowler@unr.edu (Retired, contact the department at [775] 784-6704)

Donald L Hardesty (Ph.D. University of Oregon 1972; Professor Emeritus) Historical archaeology, ecological anthropology, archaeological theory and method; western U.S. hardesty@unr.edu (Retired, contact the department at [775] 784-6704)

Gary Haynes (Ph.D. Catholic University 1981; Professor Emeritus) Prehistoric archaeology, taphonomy, environmental archaeology. gahaynes@unr.edu (Retired, contact the department at [775] 784-6704).

LaVerne Masayesva-Jeanne (Ph.D. MIT 1978; Associate Professor) Anthropological linguistics, anthropology and education; American Southwest. jeanne@unr.edu (Retired, contact the department at [775] 784-6704)

Robert Winzeler (Ph.D. University of Chicago 1970; Professor Emeritus, Anthropology, UNR) Religion, indigenous peoples, psychological anthropology, ethnic relations, architecture; insular Southeast Asia. winzeler@unr.edu (Retired, contact the department at [775) 784-6704)


James "Pat" Barker (Ph.D. University of California Riverside, 1982; Adjunct Assistant Professor, Anthropology, UNR) Great Basin prehistory, political evolution, cultural resources management and archaeology in ecosystem management. (barkerj@unr.edu)

Marie I Boutté (Ph.D. University of California Berkeley, 1987; Associate Professor, School of Community Health Sciences, UNR) Cultural and medical anthropology, anthropology of stigma, inherited maladies, health effects of nuclear radiation, rural health; Western Europe with focus on Azores Islands, western US. (marieb@unr.edu)

Zoe Bray (Ph.D. European University Institute, Florence, 2002; Assistant Professor, Basque Studies, UNR) Identity politics, ethnicity, regionalism, ethnographic methods, frontiers and borders, art and painting. (zoebray@unr.edu)

Robert G Elston (Ph.D. Washington State University, 1973; Adjunct Professor, Anthropology, UNR) Prehistoric archaeology, hunter-gatherers; Great Basin, China. (rgelston@gmail.com)

Mark Giambastiani (Ph.D. University of California, Davis, 2004; Adjunct Professor, Anthropology, UNR) Great Basin and California archaeology, lithic analysis and lithic technological organization, obsidian studies, settlement pattern reconstruction, cultural resource management. (mgiam@asmaffiliates.com)

Mella R. Harmon (MS, University of Nevada, Reno 1998; Adjunct Assistant Professor, Anthropology, UNR) Land Use Planning/Historic Preservation. (mellah@unr.edu)

Eugene M Hattori (Ph.D. Washington State University, 1982; Adjunct Assistant Professor, Anthropology, UNR and Nevada State Museum) Prehistoric archaeology, historic archaeology, paleoenvironmental analysis; North America. (ghattori@nevadaculture.org)

Bryan S. Hockett (Ph.D. University of Nevada, Reno 1993; Adjunct Assistant Professor, Anthropology, UNR, and Bureau of Land Management State Office) Taphonomy, faunal analysis, Great Basin and Old World Mammals, the Pleistocene/Holocene Transition in the Great Basin, Great Basin prehistory (b50hocke@blm.gov)

Ronald M. James (MA, University of Nevada, Reno 1981; Adjunct Assistant Professor, Anthropology, UNR and Nevada State Historic Preservation Office) History and folklore, Nevada history, historic preservation (rjames@nevadaculture.org)

Deniz Kaptan (Ph.D. Anakara University, 1988; Adjunct Lecturer, Anthropology, UNR) Classical archaeology; Turkey. (dkaptan@unr.edu)

Sandra Ott (Ph.D. Oxford University, 1979; Associate Professor, Center for Basque Studies, UNR) Social Anthropology specialist in the northern Basque Country (France); research interests include relationships among ethnography/memory/history, especially in relation to the German Occupation; wartime letter-writing; and the ethnographic study of denunciation and collaboration. (sott@unr.edu)

David E. Rhode (Ph.D. University of Washington, 1987; Associate Research Professor, Desert Research Institute) Archaeology, archaeobotany; Western North America, China. (dave@dri.edu)

Michelle S. Roberts (Ph.D. University of Nevada, Reno, 2011; Adjunct Instructor, Anthropology, UNR) Cultural Anthropology, Southeast Asia, Laos, Thailand, ethnography, Lao farmers and decision making, agriculture (chemwali@hotmail.com).

Joseba Zulaika (Ph.D. Princeton University, 1982; Professor and Director, Center for Basque Studies, UNR) Symbolic anthropology, discourse of terrorism, museum culture; Basque country of northern Spain and southern France. (zulaika@unr.edu)