Juan Carlos Jarquin

M.A. Student
Juan Carlos Jarquin


Academic interests: Geographic information systems, Hunter-gatherer archaeology, Paleoenvironmental reconstruction, Great Basin archaeology and paleoecology, collaborative methodology

Thesis title: Great Basin Rock Rings of the Abert Rim: Hunter-Gatherer Adaptation in a Marginal Environment during the Late Holocene

Lab affiliation: Human Paleoecology and Archaeometry Laboratory

Juan Carlos Jarquin is a second-year M.A. student in archaeology, focusing on hunter-gatherer lifeways in the Great Basin with particular attention on the Late Holocene. His background ranges from conducting archaeological fieldwork with federal agencies across the U.S., in Everglades National Park to the Bureau of Land Management in Lakeview, OR, and in private sector cultural resources management. Juan Carlos' research interests are using GIS for spatial analysis, the relationship between hunter-gatherer settlement patterns and paleoenvironmental change and Section 106 compliance processes in federal archaeology.


B.A., Anthropology, Florida Atlantic University