Laresa Dern

Graduate Student
Laresa Dern


Current status: Ph.D. in Progress

M.A. Thesis Title: Infanticide or demographic expectation?: the curious abundance of children's remains in the Iron Age necropolis at Kopila Hillfort, KorĨula, Croatia

Laresa Dern is a Ph.D. student in biological anthropology with broad research interests in dental anthropology, growth and development and bioarchaeology. More specifically, she is interested in the relationship between the deciduous and permanent dentitions and the use of the dentition in studies of migration and relatedness. For her dissertation research, Dern will use the dentitions of adults and sub-adults in bioarchaeological samples to examine patterns of population movement in Hungary in response to expansions of the Ottoman Empire during the Early Modern Period. Her previous experience includes fieldwork in Vitor, Peru and work with collections at the Croatian Natural History Museum.

Academic interests

  • Dental anthropology
  • Growth and development
  • Bioarchaeology


  • M.A., anthropology, Colorado State University, 2019
  • B.A., anthropology, University of Chicago, 2015