Tatiana Vlemincq-Mendieta

Graduate Student


Current status: Ph.D. in progress

Ph.D. dissertation title: Peopling of South America using Dental Morphology

M.A. thesis title: The Muddle in the Middle? Characterising Population Diversity in Coastal Central Peru in the Prehispanic Period, using Dental Non-Metric Traits

Tatiana Vlemincq-Mendieta is a biological anthropologist with extensive fieldwork experience at Kawa, a Meroitic site in Sudan and three major pre-Columbian projects in Peru. Responsibilities included fieldwork, logistics, administrative paperwork and technical reports, teaching and lab work. Vlemincq-Mendieta has further experience as a bioarchaeology assistant, focusing on academic support and student training in both academic and fieldwork contexts. Vlemincq-Mendieta has a B.A. in journalism and is trilingual in English, Spanish and French.

Academic interests

  • Bioarchaeology
  • Dental anthropology
  • Forensic anthropology
  • Migration and origin of populations

Selected publications

  • Vlemincq-Mendieta, T., 2017. Bioarchaeological analysis. In: Excavations within the Kushite Cemetery at Kawa. Sudan and Nubia 21, pp. 123-127.


  • M.A., archaeology and art history
  • M.Sc., bioarchaeological and forensic anthropology
  • B.A., journalism