Richie Rosencrance

Graduate Student
Richie Rosencrance


Current status: Ph.D. in progress

M.A. thesis title: Assessing the Chronological Variation Within Western Stemmed Projectile Points

Richie Rosencrance is a first-year Ph.D. student and graduate research assistant for the Great Basin Paleoindian Research Unit. His research focuses on Western Stemmed lithic technology and hunter-gatherer settlement patterning during the Late Pleistocene in the northern Great Basin and Columbia Plateau. A significant amount of his dissertation research will focus on the Haskett assemblages from the Connley Caves archaeological site in central Oregon. He previously received his Master’s in Anthropology at the University of Nevada, Reno that established a new projectile point chronology for the various Western Stemmed types. Between his M.A. and pursing his Ph.D., Richie served as a project archaeologist and field director for CRM projects in Texas, Louisiana and Oregon. He has also been employed as a supervisor and instructor of the University of Oregon Museum of Natural and Cultural History’s archaeological field school at the Connley Caves since 2016.

Academic interests

  • Lithic Technology
  • Western Stemmed Tradition
  • Peopling of the Americas
  • Radiocarbon Dating
  • Great Basin and Columbia Plateau Archaeology
  • Collections-Based Research

Selected publications

  • 2021, Rosencrance, R. L. and A. J. Hirshman. Over the Hills and Far Away: Middle and Late Woodland Archaeology and Toolstone Conveyance at Hyre Mound (46RD1), West Virginia. North American Archaeologist 42(2):140-176.
  • 2021, Jazwa, C. S., G. M. Smith, R. L. Rosencrance, D. G. Duke, and D. Stueber. Reassessing the Radiocarbon Date from the Buhl Burial from South-Central Idaho and its Relevance to the Western Stemmed Tradition-Clovis Debate in the Intermountain West. American Antiquity 86(1):172-184.
  • 2019, McDonough, K. N. and R. L. Rosencrance. Gifts from the Pueblo Valley: Analysis of a Donated Collection from Far Southeastern Oregon. Journal of California and Great Basin Anthropology, 39(2):213-229.
  • 2019, R. L. Rosencrance, G. M. Smith, D. L. Jenkins, T. J. Connolly, and T. C. Layton. Reinvestigating Cougar Mountain Cave: New Perspectives on Stratigraphy, Chronology, and a Younger Dryas Occupation in the Northern Great Basin. American Antiquity 84(3):559-573.


  • M.A., Anthropology, University of Nevada, Reno, 2019