G. Richard Scott, Ph.D.

Foundation Professor, Anthropology
Richard Scott



G. Richard Scott focuses on the dental anthropological analysis of Medieval European populations, with special emphasis on analysis of nonmetric crown and root traits, dental pathology, stress and cultural behavior. He continues research on the bioarchaeology of Alaskan Inuit populations and Greenlandic Norse.


  • Physical anthropology
  • Dental anthropology
  • Skeletal biology
  • American Southwest, North Atlantic, Arctic, Spain


  • Anth 102 (Introduction to Physical Anthropology)
  • Anth 460 (Primate Evolution)
  • Anth 464/664 (Dental Anthropology)
  • Anth 474/674 (Paleoanthropology)
  • Anth 476/676 (Human Variation)
  • Anth 704 (Seminar in Physical Anthropology)

Selected publications

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  • Scott, G.R., L.L. Dern, S. Evinger, D.H. O’Rourke, and J.F. Hoffecker. 2022. Multiple occurrences of the rare Uto-Aztecan variant in Hungary point to ancient ties between populations of western Eurasia and the Americas. International Journal of Osteoarchaeology 2022:1-9. doi: 10.1002/oa.3135
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Ph.D., Arizona State University