Sponsored Project Transfers

Procedure Date: May 2019
Revision: 1
Last Review: June 2022

Sponsored projects are awarded to an institution rather than to an individual investigator; therefore, sponsored project transfers are conducted between institutional sponsored project offices.

Sponsored Projects can assist with coordinating both incoming transfers in which a principal investigator is coming to the University of Nevada, Reno (University) from another institution and outgoing transfers in which a principal investigator is leaving the University to join another institution. If a principal investigator is aware of a sponsored project transfer, it is requested that they please contact Sponsored Projects as soon as possible to begin the transfer process.

Incoming Transfers

Relinquishment of Awards

Prior to departing their former institution, it is requested that principal investigators (PIs) ensure that an award relinquishment letter has been provided to the University.

Proposal Review of Transferring Awards

Sponsored Projects pre-award administrators will assist with the review and submission of award transfer applications. Please reach out to Sponsored Projects with any questions or to get started on the transfer.


The University uses enterprise software, InfoEd, for the review, routing and tracking of proposal submissions. Please be sure to enroll in InfoEd training at your earliest convenience so Sponsored Projects can assist with getting the transfer application entered and routed.

Key Documentation

Depending upon the award and sponsor, Sponsored Projects may ask for additional information. Below is a list of the typical documents Sponsored Projects will request:

  • Signed University Offer Letter
  • Copy of the most recent notice of award or research contract
  • Award relinquishing letter from prior institution

Outgoing Transfers

Notification to Sponsored Projects

It is requested that PIs please contact Sponsored Projects as soon as possible to initiate the transfer process as it can sometimes take several months to successfully transfer awards to another institution.

Awards Disposition Plan

Sponsored Projects will work with the principal investigator (PI) and the sponsor to determine if relinquishment of an award is the best option or if there is an alternative solution. Sponsored Projects will also work with the PI on a disposition plan for their active sponsored projects. The Sponsored Project Transfer formset set should be completed and submitted to Sponsored Projects as soon as a PI is aware of a potential transfer.

Equipment Transfer Requests

If a PI has University equipment in their lab or office, it is requested that they please complete the Equipment Transfer Request Form (located in the Sponsored Project Transfer formset) when submitting their Disposition Plan for Active Sponsored Projects Form (also located in the Sponsored Project Transfer formset). Please be aware that approval from both the vice president for research and innovation and the sponsor is required prior to removing University property from campus.