PI Roles and Responsibilities

A principal investigator (PI) is the individual who assumes full responsibility for completion of a funded sponsored project by directing the project work and reporting directly to the funding agency. Below are some of the key responsibilities undertaken by a PI at the University of Nevada, Reno.

  • Originates the idea for research or project.
  • Determines possible funding sources.
  • Understands institutional policies and procedures as they relate to sponsored projects.
  • Studies sponsor guidelines and submission instructions.
  • Plans research or project.
  • Determines personnel needed for project and corresponding effort requirements.
  • Works with department for salary projections.
  • Collects applicable proposal materials such as biosketches, letters of collaboration, current and pending support, etc.
  • Completes research plan, abstract, budget and budget Justification, and all other components of proposal.
  • Enters project proposal into grants management system, InfoEd, including all required internal forms (Transmittal eform, SP-11, etc.) and routes proposal for internal review and approval of the PI, other key personnel, chairs/directors and deans/VPs and Sponsored Projects.
  • Allows a minimum of five business days for Sponsored Projects pre-award proposal review.
  • Is available for feedback and requests for revisions from the Sponsored Projects representative.
  • Edits proposal as needed after receiving suggestions and comments from Sponsored Projects staff.