Graduate Assistants on Project

Graduate Student Salary Levels

Salary levels for graduate students.

Tuition remission is a benefit of a graduate assistantship. Therefore, when a graduate assistant participates on a sponsored project, their tuition cost should be covered by the project. Out-of-state tuition is waived on graduate assistantships, so these costs should not be included in the proposal budget. The budget justification should indicate the cost per credit and the estimated number of credits to be paid from the sponsored project (an average would be nine credits per academic semester and three in the summer session for a total of twenty one in a year). Reasonable tuition increases should be included for outlying project years.

Rarely, a sponsor will specify in the program announcement that tuition costs are not allowed. On these occasions, tuition costs may be paid from another non-grant account.

For information on the Graduate Assistant Tuition Allocation Policy, please see the University Administrative Manual.