Account Setup

After a sponsored project award has been fully executed and accepted by the University of Nevada, Reno (University), i.e., the award documents or contract have been signed by both Sponsored Projects the sponsoring agency, Sponsored Projects will establish a University account for the charging and accounting of project expenses. Once an award goes to account setup, an account number is generally issued within six (6) business days. Upon account set up, the principal investigator (PI) will receive an official Notification of Award (NOA) email indicating that the project account is active and project expenses can now be charged and project personnel hired.

The NOA email will includes the following information:

  • Project investigator(s) and their associated college(s) and department(s)
  • Account number
  • Award amount
  • Project period
  • Sponsor award number
  • Sponsor name
  • Project title
  • Amount of cost share (if applicable)

Note: For projects that require an approved protocol (IRB or IBC MOUA), project start and end dates will be set according to the protocol approval and expiration dates to ensure that no project work is performed outside of the approved protocol period. If a protocol expires partway through a project, the project end date will be temporarily set to match the protocol expiration date until the protocol is renewed and a new expiration date is issued. Once the new expiration date is issued and covers the entire project period, Sponsored Projects will then extend the project end date out to the official end date as set by the sponsor. Again, any internal changes to project end dates as a result of expired protocols are temporary and are not permanent. This procedure does not apply to IACUC protocols.