Sponsored Project Transfers

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Procedure Date: April 2018     Revision: 1     Last Review: April 2018

Sponsored Projects provides assistance in transferring grants to the University from other institutions (when a principal investigator is arriving at the University) or from the University to other institutions or entities (when a principal investigator is leaving the University). While the rules and regulations for grant transfers vary widely from funding agency to funding agency, below is general guidance for a principal investigator (PI) who requires a transfer of their sponsored project.

Procedures for Transfers to the University

Award Relinquishment

Since awards are made to institutions and not directly to PIs, the relinquishing institution must first agree to transfer awards if/when its PI moves to another institution. This is accomplished via a relinquishing statement or letter confirming the transfer from the current awardee institution to the new institution. The relinquishing document should be provided to Sponsored Projects as soon as it becomes available.

InfoEd Entry of Transfer

The University uses grants management software system, InfoEd, for proposal development and tracking. The grant transfer application will need to be entered into InfoEd by the new University PI. Training is required for InfoEd users; therefore, new University PIs should obtain InfoEd training as soon as possible once officially hired by the University. After obtaining InfoEd user training, the PI will enter the grant transfer application into InfoEd.

InfoEd Internal Review and Approval Routing

Once the PI has completed the InfoEd transfer application entry process, he/she will submit the application to an internal review and electronic approval process through the InfoEd system. The proposal PI, other key project personnel, department chair(s)/director(s), dean(s)/VPs and Sponsored Projects will all be required to review and approve the proposal in InfoEd. The complete transfer application should arrive at Sponsored Projects' review step in InfoEd five business days in advance of the submission deadline to permit ample time for the Sponsored Projects pre-award review and submission.

Sponsored Projects Pre-Award Proposal Review

After internal approvals are obtained, InfoEd will notify Sponsored Projects that the transfer application is ready for their review. The assigned pre-award research administrator reviews the proposal to ensure compliance with federal rules and sponsor/funding announcement guidelines, and then forwards the application to Sponsored Projects pre-award manager for approval to submit. Once approved for submission, the pre-award research administrator submits the proposal (unless the PI is permitted to submit) to the sponsoring agency.

Required Grant Transfer Actions and Items

To assist PIs in determining what is required for a grant transfer into the University, below is a list of common actions and items required by Sponsored Projects. Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and depending upon the sponsoring agency, other actions and items may be necessary.

  • Signed University employment offer letter
  • Permission from current awardee institution to transfer grant to the University (relinquishing statement or letter confirming transfer)
  • Provide Sponsored Projects with a copy of the sponsoring agency's latest award document
  • Notification to sponsoring agency's program officer of impending grant transfer
  • Obtain InfoEd training
  • Contact assigned University pre-award research administrator
  • The University pre-award research administrator contacts sponsoring agency for list of required documents needed for transfer
  • Complete required documents for the transfer application
  • The University pre-award research administrator reviews transfer application in InfoEd and obtains any required signatures
  • The University pre-award research administrator submits transfer application to sponsor
  • Sponsor issues new award to the University

Completion of the Transfer

The grant transfer process is completed when the University receives the official grant transfer notification from the sponsoring agency (in the form of an award document). At that point, the typical award negotiation and acceptance process occurs and the award is then sent to the Grants and Contracts Officers for award setup in Workday. Once the award has been set up, the PI may commence project work.

Procedures for Transfer from the University

Because sponsored project awards are issued to the University and not individual PIs, it is at the University's and the sponsor's discretion whether to retain or relinquish an award when a PI leaves the University. PIs leaving the University are responsible for creating a plan for the desired disposition of their active sponsored projects. The plan will be considered by the assistant vice president for research administration (AVPRA). Please note: the sponsored project transfer process takes time. Therefore, PIs desiring a transfer should begin the process as soon as possible so that, if the University and the sponsor agree to relinquish an award, the transfer process can be completed prior to the PI's expected start date at the new institution.

Sponsored Project Disposition Plan

When a PI intends to leave the University, he/she will need to provide a plan for the desired disposition of their active sponsored projects. The plan should be communicated through a memo signed by the PI, department chair/director and dean/vice president to the AVPRA. The plan will be reviewed by the AVPRA.

Transfer of Relinquished Awards

If the University agrees to relinquish a sponsored project award, the transfer will first need to be approved by sponsoring agency. Some agencies, such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH), have standardized the transfer procedure and require submission of forms bearing signatures of the relinquishing institution. Other sponsors prefer that the award not be relinquished and a substitute University PI be designated with any remaining work subcontracted to the new institution. When transferring a sponsored project from another institutions, Sponsored Projects typically performs the following actions:

  • Confirm associated award terms and conditions allow the grant to be transferred
  • Work with PI to request approval from sponsor to relinquish and transfer award
  • Ensure appropriate transfer documentation is completed in accordance with sponsor requirements
  • If applicable, notify subcontractors of project termination in accordance with sub-agreement termination clause
  • If the University will become a subcontract site for any remaining project work, ensure that a proposal (for subcontracted work) has been input into InfoEd

Equipment Transfers

Per the University Administrative Manual (UAM), section 1,526, Equipment Inventory, the ownership of all University property (both purchased and donated) is vested in the Board of Regents of the Nevada System of Higher Education. All equipment donated to the University and/or purchased with University funds (state, grant, self-supporting, other soft funds, etc.) is University property and shall remain at the University. No equipment other than that donated to the University and/or purchased with University fund will be used on University premises. Equipment transfers will be considered under the conditions of the UAM, section 1,531, Equipment Transfer Policy - Grant Acquired Equipment.

Forms for Principal Investigators Leaving the University

To assist principal investigator who plan on leaving the University, the following memo and forms have been created.