Compensated Scholarly and Professional Outside Activities

The University of Nevada, Reno encourages its faculty to use their professional expertise to advance and communicate knowledge through interaction with the public, the community, and external activities. The University understands that such activities enhance performance of University teaching, advance University research and public service missions, and bring credit to the University.

At the same time, the University has a fiduciary responsibility to ensure that inappropriate external influences do not negatively affect the performance of a faculty member's primary responsibilities to the University. Compensated outside scholarly and professional activities raise important questions related to time and energy allocation, use of University resources, intellectual property protection, and potential for financial conflicts of interests.

Per UAM 2,690: Faculty Providing Scholarly and Professional Outside Compensated Services, full time academic and administrative faculty members who plan to engage in scholarly and professional services compensated from outside sources must provide prior notification and request prior approval from their department chair, dean, or vice president.  Ongoing activities require annual notification and approval. Prior notification and approval is requested online through InfoEd

Please refer to UAM 2,690 and the NSHE Board of Regents Handbook, T4, Ch 3, Sec 9 "Compensated Outside Professional Services" for important compliance requirements.

What activities require prior notification and approval?

Professional or scholarly service by faculty members within their subject matter field of expertise and for compensation by sources other than University-administered funds. For example: consulting, research, teaching, studies, surveys, and training programs. The prior notification requirement also applies to compensated outside activities that result in textbooks, scholarly articles, musical and artistic works, and other forms of educational media when the title to the property remains with the creator and when these are considered for evaluations for performance, and tenure and promotion.

What activities are excluded from the requirement for prior notification and approval?

Examples of activities that do not require advance notification and approval include:

  • Delivering seminars, lectures, or invited talks sponsored by a Federal, state or local government agency; an Institution of Higher Education (as defined by U.S.C. 1001 (a)); or an academic teaching hospital, medical center or research institute that is affiliated with an Institution of Higher Education.
  • Presenting at professional meetings, workshops, colloquia, symposia, seminars, or training programs.
  • Serving on an advisory committee, review panel, or board of a public institution or agency or non-profit organization.
  • Serving as a reviewer or editor for a scholarly journal.
  • Holding office in or undertaking an editorial office or duties for a scholarly journal, academic press, or professional organization.
  • Site visits to public, academic, or non-profit institutions in connection with accreditation, audits,sponsored project review, research or similar activities.

Instructions and guidelines for reviewing a COA request

Please click here for instructions and guidelines for reviewing a COA request.