Clinical Trials

Sponsored Projects provides administrative support for industry sponsored clinical trials. For detailed information on the clinical trials process at the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR), please view the Clinical Trials Workshop presentation.

Clinical Trial Forms

Clinical Trial Procedures

InfoEd and Clinical Trials

InfoEd is UNR's grants management software system. All clinical trial projects should be entered into InfoEd and routed through InfoEd for internal approvals by the investigators, department chair and area dean. Training on how to enter and route clinical trials through InfoEd is available. Please contact Erika Waday in Sponsored Projects to schedule InfoEd training.

Clinical Trial Advance Funding

Costs incurred on sponsored clinical trials are reimbursed by the sponsor after the University has seen trial participants. Because clinical trial agreements typically require sponsors to be billed on a quarterly basis, reimbursement may take several months. In the meantime, the University must still meet its financial obligations for costs incurred on the trial, e.g., payment to medical practitioners, trial participants, WIRB, etc.

To assist clinical trial principal investigators (PIs) in meeting financial obligations for clinical trial costs when sponsor reimbursement is pending, PIs may request advance clinical trial funding by completing the Request for Clinical Trial Advance Funding form. Because there is some risk in providing advance funding, the request for an advance must be guaranteed by a non-sponsored University account. If sponsor payment is not received, clinical trial costs incurred on the advance funding will be charged to the non-sponsored University account used to guarantee the advance. The request for an advance must also be approved by the PI's department chair/director and dean/VP.