Support services and resources for proposal development


Research & Proposal Development Services

Research & Proposal Development Services supports faculty in the preparation of competitive research proposals. Please complete the online request in InfoReady for any of the services listed below.

  1. Proposal development: The Research & Proposal Development Services team can provide full-scale proposal development support for multidisciplinary proposals requesting more than $1 million.
  2. External review: Have your proposal reviewed by a subject matter expert through our external consulting firm. This provides valuable feedback that is proven to increase your chances of success. Please allow about four weeks for this service.
  3. Technical editing: One of our most popular services, technical editing provides feedback on the proposal’s structure and content, persuasiveness and clarity, as well as copy editing.
  4. Graphic design: We contract with vetted graphic designers and scientific illustrators to help you succinctly and effectively communicate complex ideas.
  5. Successful proposal library: Research & Proposal Development Services maintains a library of successful grant proposals and project overviews, written by University of Nevada, Reno faculty, to help you learn the elements of a successful proposal.
  6. Letters of institutional support: We will coordinate with the PI and applicable leadership to draft and have signed the necessary letters to demonstrate institutional support for your proposal.
  7. Writing coaching: Want to work one-on-one with our technical editor to hone your proposal writing skills? Start the coaching process today!
  8. Broader impacts plan: We provide support for developing a broader impacts concept and plan, if your application requires it, to indicate how your research will benefit society.
  9. New faculty research consultations: Research & Proposal Development Services can answer questions about your Start Up package requirements, or support project planning and proposal strategy.
  10. Recorded training sessions: We have an extensive catalog of recorded training sessions available upon request.

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Additional campus resources

  • Sponsored Projects quick reference guide: Standard institutional data required by sponsored and grant proposals, plus budget preparation information.
  • Animal Resources: If your research will involve animals, Animal Resources provides optimized animal care and welfare for high quality science, campus-wide veterinary care, and assistance with faculty research and teaching programs.
  • Human subject research and the Institutional Review Board: If your research will involve human subjects, Research Integrity is responsible for protecting the rights and welfare of human research participants and will help you obtain the necessary approvals for your study.

National Center for Development and Diversity

This organization offers writing groups and other resources to assist faculty in their research and proposal development. Activate your membership through the University!

  • Intellectual property and research commercialization: If you believe that your project may lead to technology with the potential for commercialization, please reach out to our licensing team while you are developing your proposal. If applicable, they will assist you with IP protection and a commercialization strategy.
  • Engineering Research Office: The College of Engineering offers proposal development and project management support to engineering research faculty.
  • Office of the Provost resources: Find information on faculty professional development and mentoring.