Providing strategic support for research across campus

Support services and resources

We provide training opportunities and services to enhance faculty proposal development and national recognition for research contributions. Training opportunities include grant writing workshops and panels tailored to specific funding agencies, targeted opportunities, and to colleges requesting support. Services include proposal management and facilitating faculty networking for an increased focus on multi-disciplinary and large center proposals. We also provide proposal editing, coordinate external reviews and graphic design, and offer a range of other services to enhance the competitiveness of proposals. Please reach out with questions or to schedule a meeting.

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Curated information for researchers

Research & Innovation announcements, new external funding opportunities and division event invites are sent out through our ResearchNotes group email list. Research & Proposal Development Services uses this list to send out a weekly capture of available grants and of limited submission proposal opportunities. We also share our training events and occasional newsletters. This is a great way to save time searching on your own and have valuable information delivered straight to your inbox!

Additional grants and sponsored projects support

Many colleges have grant coordinators who support faculty in submitting proposals to sponsors and in working with Sponsored Projects.

The Research & Proposal Development Services team works in collaboration with Sponsored Projects to support proposal submissions.