Honorific awards support

Academic and honorific awards include research or scholarship awards, teaching awards, prestigious fellowships, and memberships in honor societies and the national academies. Some come with an honorarium, while many involve a trophy or plaque and presentation at an event or conference.

Honorific awards are critical to successful faculty careers. They provide well-deserved recognition for outstanding work and raise the profile of our departments, colleges, and the University as a whole.

The Research and Proposal Development team aims to support faculty in achieving recognition for their research, scholarly and creative activities. While not as labor-intensive as research grant proposals, the process of applying for honorific awards can take time better spent working on your research. To that end, we offer a variety of support services to help you on your path to honorific awards recognition, including:


We provide comprehensive guidance for the NSF CAREER Awards.

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  • Identification and communication of award opportunities that match faculty expertise and qualifications
  • Identifying potential nominators and helping secure nomination letters
  • Serving as liaison between sponsor, nominators and faculty member
  • Compiling, editing and submitting application materials
  • Creating tailored honorific awards portfolios to map out pathways to higher level recognition for individuals or departments

Faculty honors are available for every career stage and discipline. Applying for honorific awards raises your profile among your peers, increases recognition for your work, and can begin a pathway to further recognition and potential research funding in the future.

If you’d like to pursue a specific award, nominate a colleague, or learn more about awards for which you might be eligible, please contact researchdevelopment@unr.edu.

Past recipients

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Honorific award readiness

Have these items ready for when an opportunity for an honorific award arises.

  • Up-to-date CV and professional headshot: Sometimes deadlines are short – having polished materials ready to go means not having to wait for the next cycle to apply.
  • Participate in professional societies and stay up-to-date on your dues: Eligibility for many awards requires “membership in good standing” in the granting organization for a specific number of years.
  • Know and develop your network: Colleagues can be potential mentors or nominators.

Nominate your colleagues

Help create a culture of awards awareness. Nominate your colleagues and mentors.

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