Pivot funding database and additional grant finding tools

Pivot grant funding database

Pivot is a funding opportunity database that pulls from national, international and local sources. Using key-word matching, Pivot will even make suggestions for relevant funding based on the subject of your past awards, published papers and stated research interests. Pivot is also a robust networking tool that allows you to connect with potential research collaborators across campus.

If you need any help with Pivot, please contact the research development team at researchdevelopment@unr.edu.

Pivot login

Three simple steps to getting started with Pivot

  1. Select “University of Nevada, Reno” from the dropdown menu, then sign in with your NetID.
  2. Claim your profile: Once you log in, you will be prompted to “claim” the profile we’ve already set up for you. Make sure the name in your profile matches the name you use for grants and publications.
  3. Find funding: You can do a basic search or a more detailed Boolean search.

Pivot help

Here are a few short training videos to get you started.

Take your search for funding and research collaborations to the next level

  1. Add to your profile. Pivot automatically matches keywords from your publications, awards and expertise statement with keywords assigned to funding opportunities. To refine this match, we suggest these three steps:
    1. Add key words to your profile.
    2. Add a link to your Google Scholar, PubMed or any existing webpage that contains your publications.
    3. Link your profile to your ORCiD.

    View a training video on building your profile.

  2. Save searches and track opportunities.
    1. Once you create a search, you can save it so you’ll always see the newest funding opportunities that match your criteria.
    2. Marking an opportunity as “tracked” allows you to get updates on that opportunity, and shows you which potential collaborators are also “tracking” that opportunity.

    View a training video on saving searches and tracking opportunities.

  3. Collaborate.
    1. Create a group to share opportunities with potential collaborators.
    2. Pivot matches keywords in your profile and opportunities you’re following to suggest potential collaborators around campus.

    View a training video on collaborating in Pivot.

Additional grant finding tools and resources

  • InfoEd is the University’s grants management software system. The SPIN module within InfoEd is another tool that can be used to search for funding opportunities. The database has features that include the ability to save search criteria for automated searching and delivery of results. To get up and running in SPIN in just a few minutes, please contact Sierra Hooft to request the SPIN Quick Start Guide. Log into InfoEd to access funding opportunities in SPIN.
  • Grants.gov is the central place to find and apply for federal grants. This site lists all current discretionary funding opportunities from 26 agencies of the United States government.
  • SAM.gov provides a full listing of federal programs.
  • The Foundation Center website will help locate prospective foundation funders.