Research Integrity

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Ethical Standards in the Conduct of Research

The Research Integrity Office follows the University Administrative Manual description of Ethical Standards in the Conduct of Research:

Scholarly misconduct can neither be condoned nor tolerated at the University. Scholars and researchers bear the primary responsibility for the monitoring and rigorous evaluation of procedures and results of research and other scholarly activities under their supervision. All members of the university community adhere to the University's strict standards of integrity of academic scholarship and research and must feel ethically obligated to report (in accordance with the procedures set forth in this policy) any fraudulent acts when they are known or are suspected to have occurred.

Research Misconduct

Electrical and Biomedical Engineering Lab

Understand your responsibilities.

Responsible Authorship

The U.S. Department of Health Human Services, Office of Research Integrity has created a Quick Guide to promote education and training in the responsible conduct of research (RCR) covering publication practices and authorship.

Best Practices in Image Processing

When editing scientific image data, selective alterations may sometimes seem desirable for aesthetic reasons or to more clearly illustrate a theory endorsed. Learn about mistakes commonly made, including mistakes in Adobe Photoshop.

Avoid Plagiarism

Miguel Roig's guide to ethical writing will help students and professionals identify and prevent questionable practices and develop an awareness of ethical writing.

Data Management

Data management practices are becoming increasingly complex and should be addressed before any data are collected. For more information visit:

The Lab

The Lab - U.S. Office of Research Integrity

In "The Lab" you become the lead characters in an interactive movie and make decisions about integrity in research that can have long-term consequences.