Veterans affairs research

Contact information for VA research

Local VA Sierra Nevada Health Care System

  • VASNHCS Research Office: (775) 328-1486
  • VASNHCS Research Compliance Officer: (775) 786-7200, x 1177

Department of Veterans Affairs federal offices

Human Research Protection Requirements for VA Research

The University of Nevada, Reno (the University) Institutional Review Board (IRB) serves as the “IRBs of Record” for the VA Sierra Nevada Healthcare System (VASNHCS). As such, the University IRB oversees all human subjects research conducted at the VASNHCS or by researchers affiliated with VASNHCS.

Investigators planning to conduct research involving veterans are advised to consult the VA sections of the IRB Policy Manual and contact the VASNHCS Research Office.

Human Research Protection Training Requirements for VA Researchers

All investigators and research team members who propose to conduct research at the VASNHCS must satisfy VA training requirements. For information about VA training requirements, contact the VASNHCS Research Office at (775) 328-1486.

VA Regulations and Publications for Human Subjects Research

  • 38 CFR 16 Code of Federal Regulations, Department of Veteran’s Affairs “Protection of Human Subjects”
  • VHA Handbook 1058.01 Requirements for Reporting Research Events to Facility Oversight Committees and the Office of Research Oversight
  • VHA Handbook 1200.05 Requirements for the Protection of Human Subjects in Research