Creating recruitment materials

Recruitment materials should include only the information necessary for members of the sample population to determine their eligibility and interest.

A. Required Content

  1. Statement that the project is research
  2. Study purpose, including the condition under study (in lay language)
  3. Inclusion criteria for participation (e.g., "to be in this [or, 'To be eligible for participation in this…'] research study you must …"
  4. Exclusion criteria when present (e.g., "to be in this [or, 'To be eligible for participation in this…'] research study you may not …"
  5. Overview of procedures (e.g., "participants will be asked to…")
  6. Direct benefits to participants (if any)
  7. Location where the research will take place
  8. For written recruitment materials, names and phone numbers of contact person and PI

B. Optional Content

  1. Time commitment for participation; include duration if multiple sessions
  2. For written recruitment materials, email addresses of contact person and PI

C. Prohibited Content

  1. Statements / information that imply or suggest a favorable outcome or benefits beyond those described in the protocol application
  2. Exculpatory language (i.e., language that suggests the researchers, UNR, or some other entity are free from blame should something negative result from participation)
  3. Highlight or emphasize payment for participation
  4. Make claims as to the safety, efficacy, or superiority of the item being tested
  5. Use terms such as "new treatment" or "new drug" unless the materials also state that the test item is investigational / experimental
  6. Promise "free treatment" when the simple truth is that subjects will not be charged for being in the research study