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IRB Board Meetings

Schedule of Full Board Meetings and Calendar

Full board meetings are convened for the IRBs to review research that presents greater than minimal risk to research subjects twice a month.  The IRB meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month. Your study will be scheduled for the next convened meeting of the IRB. 

Protocol applications that qualify for expedited review may be submitted at any time; no deadline is required for submission.

How does RIO staff determine if a study is ready for IRB review?

RIO staff will conduct an in-depth screening of each new protocol application and verify that all of the following items have been completed before the protocol application is assigned to an IRB for review:

  • The application is completed correctly
  • All screening revisions are completed
  • All applicable documents are attached

The study will not be assigned to a meeting until these items are complete. Submitting a study does not mean that it will automatically be assigned to a meeting. The deadlines below are for complete applications, not when the new studies are submitted.

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