IRB Meeting Schedule

The University IRB meets twice monthly to review human subject research that presents greater than minimal risk to participants: on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays.
RIO staff assess each submission in IRBNet for completeness and to determine the requisite level of review. Researchers are advised to submit projects for full board (above minimal risk study activity) review at least three weeks in advance of the meeting date for preliminary review to ensure clear and complete submissions to facilitate review at the meeting.

Complete projects/packages contain the following:

  • Completed Part I Application or Cover Sheet (for new projects only)
  • Completed Part II or Exempt Application; application to request a determination for human subject research, continuing review, amendments to approved projects, or to use an external IRB; application for emergency or expanded use drug/device or HUD; or problem report form
  • Completed supplemental applications as applicable to the research (e.g., for research involving vulnerable populations, federal agency support or funding, blood/biological specimens, drugs, or devices)
  • All applicable recruitment/consent documents
  • All research instruments, data collection logs, or other materials relevant to the research
  • Applicable committee approvals (e.g., biosafety or radiation safety committees, PRS Committee for VA research)
  • Completed IRB-requested changes or revisions (for follow-up, information requested, or revisions packages only)

Projects/packages requiring Full Committee Review must be determined to be complete before these are placed on the agenda for review at a scheduled IRB meeting. Project/packages requiring Administrative, Exempt, or Expedited Review must be determined to be complete before these are forwarded for review. See IRB policy for information about submission types in IRBNet.