815. Educational Outreach

Updated July 19, 2021

The Research Integrity Director and staff, and the Research Compliance Officer (RCO) develop, implement, and host educational opportunities for research personnel. Activities may include, but are not limited to the following:

Study Start-up Visits: Close to the time that a study is approved or approved contingent by the IRB, the Principal Investigator (PI) may request an education session for his/her/their research team tailored to his/her/their specific protocol. The RCO will educate the research team on what would be looked for in a review and will also review the plans for study conduct (e.g., plans for storage of investigational articles, plans for recruitment etc.) to ensure that all planned activity is consistent with the approved protocol, policies and regulatory requirements.

Brown-Bag Lunch Sessions, Movie Nights, or Similar Activities: These sessions are be developed based on input from the research community as to their interest and needs and from the IRB, Research Integrity Director/staff, and RCO based on common errors discerned in the conduct of human research or shared areas of interest. The sessions are implemented at regular time intervals so that research personnel and the public can plan accordingly to allow for attendance.

As Requested: The Research Integrity Director/staff and the RCO are available to provide tailored educational sessions on human participant protections.