175. Process for Resolving Conflicts Between Laws

Updated July 1, 2019

Nevada has adopted the Restatement (Second) of Conflict of Laws, Section 188 "most significant relationship" test. Williams v. USAA, 849 P.2d 265, 266 (Nev. 1993); Sotirakis v. USAA, 849 P.2d 789 (Nev. 1990).

During the pre-review process, RIO staff identify projects that fall under the authority of the University IRB but will be conducted outside of the state of Nevada. The RI Director will confer with an HRPP Director residing in the state in which the research will take place and if necessary, Counsel for the University. In general, the UNR IRB will apply the law of the state in which the research is being conducted.

International studies require assistance from a local collaborator to identify and assess local laws that may affect the research. Researchers describe the applicable laws or how the determination was made that no local laws apply.