Responsible conduct of research

Responsible conduct of research applies to all researchers and research staff engaged in scholarly research. The University expects that every academic program and each research advisor/mentor will do their part to assure that students/trainees receive appropriate guidance in such areas as: research integrity, data acquisition and management, authorship, research collaborations, conflicts of interest, and others as appropriate.

Regulatory Training Requirements

The University currently participates in the web-based Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI). The CITI Course in RCR is required as baseline training for all graduate students and postdoctoral researchers.

University Policies

Conflict of Interest

The University recognizes the value of faculty and staff interaction with business and industry, private foundations, and government agencies to foster the University mission, facilitate professional development, and promote expansion of knowledge. In some cases the external activities of faculty and staff, such as consulting, outside employment, public service, pro bono work, or serving as an officer of an external entity, even without compensation, can result in real or apparent conflicts regarding commitment of time. Each year the University receives inquiries regarding potential conflicts of interests.

Further Reading on Responsible Conduct of Research

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