Internship Application Process


The University of Nevada, Reno's Dietetic Internship Program Website is currently being updated to reflect the change to the program. 

In response to the January 1, 2024, requirement that a master’s degree is the minimum degree requirement to be approved for eligibility for the registration examination, the Department of Nutrition is adding “Dietetics Specialization” within the existing Nutrition Graduate Program.

The 18-month Dietetics Specialization provides online graduate-level didactic courses integrated into the supervised practice associated with the University's Dietetic Internship Program. Additionally, all ACEND 2022 competencies will be met by the program.

The program will participate in the Spring 2024 match for master’s prepared students and those interested in the Dietetics Specialization MS/Internship Program.

If you have any questions, please contact either:
Karon Felten, MS, RDN, Director, Dietetic Internship Program
Arezou Saeedi, RDN, Assistant Director, Dietetic Internship Program

PLEASE NOTE: The following information may not be accurate until further notice.

The University Dietetic Internship Program seeks candidates who are focused and capable of working with some degree of independence in a fast-paced environment. Candidates applying to the program must have successfully completed a master’s degree.

Candidates are screened and evaluated based on GPA. We currently have no minimum requirements, however applicants selected for the program typically have a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Work, research or volunteer experience in the nutrition field is important, and an average of one year of relevant work or volunteer experience is recommended. Students selected for the program must demonstrate recent experience and coursework at least equivalent to that required by ACEND.

To Apply

By the program's deadlines, applicants must:

  1. Complete application requirements through Dietetic Inclusive Centralized Application Service (DICAS)
  2. 2. Important Program Requirement to complete in your DICAS application:  Complete and upload the “University's DIP Supplemental Application Form” and “University's DIP Credit Card Payment Form” for the $50 supplemental application fee to DICAS under Program Documents.
  3. Participate in D & D Digital Online Dietetics Internship Matching Service

Dietetic Internship Centralized Application System

The program accepts applications submitted through the Dietetic Inclusive Centralized Application Service (DICAS). The fee to use DICAS is $50 for the first application submitted and $25 for each additional application. Applications must be submitted by the program's application deadline

Personal Statement

Applicants who apply to internships using DICAS will be asked to complete a personal statement in 1,000 words or less. Questions to be addressed in the personal statement may include:

  • Describe the reasons for selecting the dietetics profession as a career goal.
  • Describe significant academic, professional and/or volunteer experiences that have prepared you for a dietetic internship.
  • Describe any previous research experience you may have acquired related to the field of dietetics.
  • Describe your personal strengths that will contribute to your success in an internship and future career.

Official Transcripts

Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended should be sent to:

DICAS ‐ Transcript Dept.
PO Box 9118
Watertown, MA 02472


When completing the application form, applicants must include the name and contact information (specifically an email address) for each reference. This will trigger an email message requesting completion of a reference form. The form will be completed online. Students submitting more than one application will need to use the same individuals as references for each application.

Evaluation of Applications

The program reviews all completed applications submitted through DICAS. Applications are ranked and selected based on the criteria below.

Overall, DPD Science and Professional GPA (goal of >3.0; however transcripts are reviewed to ascertain if unforeseen circumstances impacted academic record).

  • Personal Statement
  • Work, Research or Volunteer Experiences in the field of nutrition/dietetics
  • Active in Professional Organizations
  • Evidence of Leadership
  • Outside Activities
  • Letters of Reference (DPD Director desirable) and two other references.

Computer Matching

All applicants to the program must participate in computer matching. Register for matching on the D&D Digital Systems website. There is a $65 registration fee. After payment is completed, a username for online access will be provided.


The program director will contact candidates who are selected for an interview. After the completion of interviews, the rankings of applicants are submitted to the D&D Digital Systems in accordance with Academy deadlines.


At the completion of the match, applicants confirm acceptance of their match to the University Dietetic Internship Program per protocol, and Program Director Karon Felten works with each intern to complete the program requirements outlined in the Policies and Procedures For Interns.