Internship Application Process

The University Dietetic Internship Program seeks candidates who are focused and capable of working with some degree of independence in a fast-paced environment. Candidates applying to the program may apply to the Masters of Science program in Nutrition (Dietetics Specialization)/Dietetic Internship Program or have successfully completed a master’s degree.

Work, research, or volunteer experience in the nutrition field is important, and an average of one year of relevant work or volunteer experience is recommended. Students selected for the program must demonstrate recent experience and coursework at least equivalent to that required by ACEND.



Applicants who seek admission to the program should have a cumulative grade-point average of at least 2.75.  For the Dietetic Specialization, the applicant must have earned a DPD Verification Statement or provide a Declaration of Intent from their DPD Director. 

For master’s prepared candidates, the applicant must provide a DPD Verification Statement and transcript conferring degree conferral of the applicant’s master’s degree (or verification of completion before starting the internship).


Applicants are admitted to the Dietetics Specialization program on a competitive basis. Prospective students should apply online to the University's Graduate School and submit an application to the Univresity's Dietetic Internship Program through the Dietetic Inclusive Centralized Application Service (DICAS)

Note that a complete application includes:

  • Statement of purpose (to be included in both your Graduate School Application (not applicable for master’s prepared applicants) and DICAS application that addresses the following questions (in 1,000 words or less):
    • Why do you want to gain admission to the Nutrition Graduate Program/Dietetic Internship Program and why is this program a good fit for you?
    • What experiences (e.g., academic, co-curricular, employment) have helped you prepare for this program?
    • What are your short and long-term academic and professional goals?
    • What are your strengths and areas for improvement?
  • Three letters of reference (to be included in both your Graduate School Application and DICAS application) to address the following questions:
    • Summarize your relationship with the applicant applying to the University's Dietetics Specialization Program. Please discuss the duration and nature of your relationship with the applicant.
    • Describe and provide relevant example(s) of the applicant’s analytical and problem-solving skills.
    • Describe and provide example(s) of the applicant’s communication skills and abilities to work effectively in a team environment.
    • How would you quantitatively or qualitatively rank this applicant’s readiness to succeed in the University's Dietetics Specialization Graduate Program relative to other peers/employees?
  • TOEFL results if applicable. (required by graduate school only)
  • Official transcripts from every institution attended. Both the UNR Graduate School and DICAS will need official transcripts.  If master’s prepared, transcripts will only need to be uploaded to DICAS.
  • Applicants should submit these documents by February 15th for Fall admission (no Spring admission).

Preselect Options for the Dietetics Specialization Program:

The University's alumni and current students who have (or will have) earned a DPD Verification statement by May 31st, are eligible to apply for preselection for the Nutrition Graduate Program Dietetics Specialization.  

16 preselect positions are available for the Dietetics Specialization Program.  For these applicants, the UNR Graduate School and DICAS application must be submitted by January 10th.

Pre-select Application/Admission Timeline is as follows:
Date Requirement
January 10th Graduate School and DICAS applications due.  These are limited to UNR students and alumni.
January 10 thru 28th Application review process for the preselect applications will be completed during this time       
January 28th Notify applicants selected for preselect admission and those not selected for preselect admission.
January 31st   Preselected accepted applicants must confirm admission to the Dietetics Specialization Program.
February 1st Program will email D&D Digital the preselected individuals' names with their email addresses so these students will not participate in the spring computer match.
February 15th

Graduate School and DICAS applications due for Dietetics Specialization.

DICAS application only due for Graduate Prepared Applicants.
~April 1 Applicants are notified if they matched with UNR.
~April 3 Accepted students must confirm their acceptance.
~April 4 Round II begins

Evaluation of Applications

The program reviews all completed applications submitted through DICAS. Applications are ranked and selected based on the criteria below.

  • Personal Statement
  • Work, Research or Volunteer Experiences in the field of nutrition/dietetics
  • Active in Professional Organizations
  • Evidence of Leadership
  • Outside Activities
  • Letters of Reference (DPD Director desirable) and two other references.

Computer Matching if not a Preselect Applicant

All applicants who are not participating in the preselect process must participate in computer matching. Register for matching on the D&D Digital Systems website. There is a $65 registration fee. After payment is completed, a username for online access will be provided.


The program director will contact candidates who are selected for an interview. Applicants not participating in the Preselect Process will be ranked with D&D Digital Systems in accordance with Academy deadlines.


At the completion of the match, applicants confirm acceptance of their match to the University Dietetic Internship Program per protocol, and Program Director Karon Felten works with each intern to complete the program requirements outlined in the Policies and Procedures For Interns.

Dietetic Internship Program Administrators

CABNR WEB: Dietetics Internship Advisors
Karon Felten
Karon Felten
Instructor/Lecturer, Director of Dietetics Internship Program
SFB 215b
CABNR WEB: Dietetics Internship Advisors
Arezou Saeedi
Arezou Saeedi
Assistant Director of Dietetic Internship Program
SFB 216