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Jamie Benedict.

Jamie Benedict | 775-784-6445

Expertise | Community nutrition, food security and policies/systems that influence health; pathways to grad/professional school, and to a dietetic credential

Karon Felten.

Karon Felten | 775-784-6446

Expertise | Human and lifecycle (pediatric) nutrition, medical nutrition therapy, public health; pathways to earn a dietetic internship and credential

Brad Ferguson.

Brad Ferguson | 775-784-6278

Expertise | Mechanisms that link metabolic disease to pathological cardiac remodeling and heart failure; pathways to graduate and medical school

Steven Frese.

Steven Frese | 775-784-6449

Expertise | Microbial ecology/the gut microbiome as it relates to nutrition, early life development, microbiology and immunology; food/biotech careers

Maureen Molini.

Maureen Molini


Expertise | Food science, food and culture, food service systems management; pathways to become a registered/licensed dietitian nutritionist, public health

Stanley Omaye.

Stanley Omaye | 775-784-6447

Expertise | Nutrition and aging, food safety and quality, health-promoting bioactive compounds, environmental health; pathways to graduate school

Silvia Stan.

Silvia Stan | 775-682-8246

Expertise | Nutrition research, nutrition and cancer prevention, mechanisms of action of food bioactive compounds; pathways to graduate school

David St-Jules.

David St-Jules | 775-682-6635

Expertise | Distribution and determinants of dietary intakes of people with adiposity-based chronic diseases, and the role of nutrition in these conditions

Jolyn Wirshing.

Jolyn Wirshing | 775-784-6617

Expertise | Community and lifecycle nutrition, public health; pathways to registered/licensed dietitian nutritionist, nutrition healthcare careers