The next community volunteer meeting will be held at NNIC's new offices at 855 W. Seventh Street, Reno, NV 89503 at noon on August 22nd, 2018.

NNIC is resettling 15 refugees during the month of June. Please contact Lauren Krull, the volunteer and donation coordinator if you would like to provide items, or have any questions. Her email is lkrull@nnic.org.

1. Furnishings
• Mattress - Twin/Double *Only married couples and small children of the same sex may be expected to share beds
• Box Spring
• Bed Frame
• Set of drawers, Shelves or other unit appropriate for storage of clothing *only if closet does not have shelves
• Kitchen Table
• Kitchen Chair *one per person
• Couch or equivalent seating *in addition to kitchen chairs
• Lamp *one per room unless installed lighting present

2. Kitchen Items
• One place setting of tableware per person *fork, knife, spoon
• One place setting of dishes per person *plate, bowl, cup
• Pots and pans *one sauce pan, frying pan, and baking dish
• Mixing/serving bowls
• One set of kitchen utensils *such as spatula, wooden spoon, knife, serving utensils...
• Can opener
• Baby items as needed

3. Linens and other household items
• One towel per person
• One set of sheets and blankets for each bed
• One pillowcase for each person

Mentor groups and volunteers play a vital role in serving newly arrived refugees by providing friendship, and general assistance. Mentor groups are typically 10-15 volunteers that support refugee families beyond the capacity of the NNIC. These groups work with the NNIC via a point person in the mentor group.

Some specific things they do include...

  • Welcomers (Airport pickup): More than just transportation to their new home, a warm welcome at the airport is an invaluable gift to travel-worn refugees.
  • Roadrunners (Drivers): Help refugees get to necessary caseworker and medical appointments during their first couple weeks in America.
  • Movers and Apartment Setup: Assist our staff in gathering donations, setting up housing, and purchasing groceries for new arrivals.
  • Community/Cultural Guides: Help orient refugees to their new community and the public resources available to them such as public transportation, shopping, banking, library services.
  • Teach a life-skills class: Budgeting, cooking, computer skills, home safety, etc.
  • Employment/Health Advocates: Prepare and connect refugees to job leads or assist them in navigating our US healthcare system.
  • Bus Buddies: Train refugees on using the bus system in Reno. Help them practice routes to work, the store and other frequent destinations.

We also have multiple volunteer projects for groups:

  • Provide a "Welcome Kit" for refugees (email us for a list of needed items)
  • Coordinate a Resource Drive
  • Have a family over for dinner
  • Develop a Good Neighbor Team

To apply to be a volunteer email nnic@unr.edu.

If you have questions, please contact:

Carina Black
Executive Director
Northern Nevada International Center
(775) 784-7515 x 221